Shave or not shave? Disputes in Instagram

Fitness blogger from the USA, Morgan Mikenas, would be little different from his HLS colleagues on Instagram, if not for one “but”. The girl stands for natural beauty and defiantly does not shave. The pictures, in which she looks like a hobbit, collect more comments in her account @i_am_morgie, rather than videos with the technique of exercises or reasoning about proper nutrition. It is worth it to place a picture "in the name of natural beauty", as under it the controversy inflames - to shave or not to shave. Surprisingly, there are no less supporters of Morgan than critics, and both are subscribed to her Instagram (about 60 thousand caring people in total) and are not going to unsubscribe. “I am what I am, I have nothing to hide or hide,” says Morgan. - I do not want to make a revolution in the beauty industry and force everyone around to stop shaving legs and armpits. I want to inspire others to become themselves, no longer depend on someone else's beauty or opinion criteria. We are all as beautiful as we are. "

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