Selection of furniture for the kitchen in color and style

The kitchen is one of the most favorite places in the house, where they prepare food, arrange friendly conversations and gatherings. There is nothing better than relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea with friends and family.

Before you go to buy furniture for the kitchen, you should listen to the advice of experts, measure, draw a plan.

The kitchen body is preferable to choose from chipboard for furniture, better laminated, it is more heat-resistant and moisture-resistant. Laminated surface is easier to clean household reagents.

The ends of the housing parts must be treated with special edge material. Usually it is made on the basis of PVC, which gives the furniture aesthetic and attractive appearance, and extends the service life.

How to choose material

For the production of kitchen furniture more than 40 types of wood are used. For kitchens, as well as sofas, they use solid wood and multiplex. Multiplex furniture is cheaper than solid wood, but it has greater strength and is less susceptible to water.

The most popular materials for the production of kitchens - MDF and chipboard.Products made of chipboard are the cheapest, so when you buy, ask the seller for a quality certificate or hygienic certificate, which indicates the amount of emission of harmful substances, such as formaldehyde.

Furniture made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) is more durable and environmentally friendly. Furniture based on MDF does not swell, tolerates high temperature drops and kitchen steam, does not warp, and has high strength. MDF is flexible in production and easily molded, giving a variety of shapes.

The facade of furniture (drawers, doors, shelves) are often made of chipboard with a special coating, for example, laminate. I cover the edges in 2 ways: postforming and softforming. Postforming - the finishing material goes to the main plane at the ends. This coating is better and more expensive without seams, which differs from soft forming.

In the production of kitchen furniture there is a metal (aluminum), covered with a special composition that increases the wear resistance. High-strength glass is used on the doors of cabinets and shelves.

Choose a kitchen by color and style correctly


Does not age and will never go out of fashion. Wood furniture, beautiful, carved, massive sizes.Wooden furniture is expensive, but if the house has high ceilings and windows - it fits perfectly. To match the interior of dazzling white ceiling with stucco, wallpaper of the classic version - vertical stripes with gold, edging or drawings.


Appeared in Germany in the 20th century. The main feature is convenience. Domestic manufacturers have created a fairly rich selection of such kitchens, using MDF and chipboard. In such a kitchen everything is thought out to the last detail, there is nothing superfluous, there is a built-in home appliances. Heap is not felt. The kitchen looks modern in style, without pretentiousness.

Kitchen interior design videos

Country music

Also called rural style, very romantic. Choose natural materials. Wicker furniture is typical for the country style, there are bunches of onions or garlic on the walls, and flowers in clay pots. Household appliances are trying to hide, with the exception of trifles, for example, toasters and kettles. Masters sometimes decorate them under brass. Country music combines simplicity and functionality.

High tech

Opposite country. If the country style uses warm, natural material, then hi-tech is displayed in the form of glass and metal.The facades are more often painted, there is chrome in the finish, the built-in technique is the most modern. Style implies beauty, space, comfort and minimalism.

Color matching

Choosing a kitchen style is half the battle. A huge role in the design plays a color. In order to determine the color, you need to know some values.

  1. Blue - peace and a sense of freshness.
  2. Green - harmony and tranquility.
  3. Yellow and orange - comfort and mood improvement.
  4. Blue - suppresses appetite.
  5. Red - causes aggression and irritation.

It is fashionable to combine colors to create comfort and mood. If the kitchen is small, the furniture should be chosen in a light tone to visually enlarge the room. You can experiment with the color of furniture, with curtains, wallpaper.

Photo examples of the interior

Selection of accessories

Creating your own kitchen process is fascinating and time consuming. Facades - this is the form, and the content - indicates the meaning and purpose.

Device boxes Sold boxes: with a double bottom, rubber mats, with all sorts of dividers and delimiters.

An interesting fixture is the unfastened hinge clip. They are easily removed and unfolded by 180 degrees.An interesting mechanism, called the “move argument”, is supplied with sliding elements. It is found in German manufacturers. The remaining 2-3 centimeters of the way, the box or the door, overcome themselves, then close tightly. The most practical boxes that can withstand a load of up to 80 kg and fully retractable.

Choosing a countertop

The choice of countertops is huge, manufacturers take into account the taste and content of customers' wallets. For example, a tempered glass table top is expensive, and a laminated MDF board is much cheaper. Someone likes a natural stone - marble or granite, someone prefers ceramic dust, pressed with a rubber mass.

Worktops are made from Corian, a special material. Acrylic resin and mineral fillers are taken as the basis. It turns out an artificial stone, with high strength and durability.

Kitchen layout

Convenience and comfort of the kitchen depends on the layout. The corner kitchen is considered the most popular, it is compact and fits well into a small room. Corner cabinets are so roomy that it creates an impression of bottomlessness.

The next most popular kitchen in one line.It is used in narrow rooms or where they plan to make a large and spacious dining area.

Fashion trends in recent years - island or peninsular cuisine. Such options are suitable for large-sized rooms.

The ideal kitchen is comfortable and bright, where it is so harmonious that you do not feel constrained and uncomfortable. It is not advisable that huge shelves or beams hang over your head while cooking. Consider the location of sockets, channels for ventilation, convenient water inlet.

If we take into account the style of your own life and the preferences of family members, you will get a unique world from the kitchen room, where there is warmth and comfort.

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