Secrets of cooking an unusual dish sambuk

It is quite possible that many of us have heard the name “sambuka” more than once, and perhaps even know what it is: anise liqueur, in which elder berries are added, and the delivery is necessarily complemented by coffee beans. In cafes or restaurants such a drink is beautifully set on fire in a glass, after which it is cooled and served as an aperitif. But what is “sambuk”?

As it turned out, in spite of the similarity of the names, the sambuk has nothing to do with liquor, and even elderberries, which, following the logic of the name, are not observed in it.

Sambuk is an incredibly airy, light and very tasty dessert, which is made from whipped fruit puree, egg whites and gelatin.

Sometimes, instead of mashed potatoes, pieces of fruit can be used, for greater harmony and beauty, they are cut out in a figure that looks extremely impressive when serving the dish. Today it is difficult to say who invented such a sophisticated and tasty dessert, but everyone agrees that its creator was definitely a romantic.

The process of making fruit sambuca

Surprisingly, such a tasty dish can be cooked in just half an hour or so, you see, it is very nice. So, how to cook an unusual dish sambuk?

Fruits for him to prepare in advance: if it is dried apricots or prunes, then pre-steam in boiling water and skip through a meat grinder, if the apples, then they are prebaked in slices, and then turned into a homogeneous porridge. Any other fruits and berries need to be processed in an accessible way: boil, grind in a meat grinder, grate and etc.

Usually, about 600 grams of fruit are taken for 2-3 proteins, in principle, the more eggs in the dessert, the richer it turns out, however, the measure should be in everything. In order for the dessert to get the necessary shape, gelatin is necessarily added to it, after which it is sent to the fridge for complete solidification.

At the stage of formation, pieces of fruit and berries can be added, such a dish is served in small bowls or ice cream bowls. Another important secret: if the fruit component is by default very sweet (for example, banana), then some citric acid is surely added to the dessert.

Apple Sambuk Recipe

We will need:

  • apples without a core and peel - 500 g;
  • squirrels - 2 pcs .;
  • gelatin - 10 g;
  • sugar - 3 tbsp. spoons;
  • water, vanilla, mint leaves.

We lay out the prepared apples in the baking tray with high sides, pour a couple of tablespoons of water at its bottom, and cover everything from above with foil. We send apples to the oven for 15 minutes, it is important to wait for them to become soft. The oven temperature is about 180 °. At this time, you need to dissolve the gelatin in water, according to the directions on the package, remember that you can not bring the gelatin to a boil.

We take out the apples from the oven, let them cool down a little and turn them into a uniform consistency using a blender (you can simply rub it through a sieve). Add sugar to taste (can vary depending on the sweetness of the fruit), whisk again a little.

Carefully separate the yolks from the protein, add the latter to the apple mass and beat with a mixer for about 5 minutes (as a result, the mass should turn white and increase significantly in volume).

Next, pour in a thin stream of gelatin solution, beat another couple of minutes. Then we lay out the almost ready sambuk in small vases, send it in the fridge until it freezes. Serve to the table, decorated with mint leaves.

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