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If we can go to the hairdresser at any time, then everything is somewhat more complicated with the children. Firstly, the baby is constantly spinning and can interfere, secondly, it can get scared, and thirdly, the risk of injuries is increased. So, the child's haircut is quite a responsible and complex business. And yet it can be done, even at home.

When to shear?


So, when to cut the crumbs? There is a tradition according to which such a procedure should certainly be carried out annually. Previously, all one-year-olds were sheared hair, regardless of the child's sex and hair length. But today stereotypes and outdated traditions, fortunately, are becoming less popular, and parents are guided by other important points in decision-making. Here is what you should pay attention to:

  • Hair length. It is logical that the hair needs to be cut as it grows. If they interfere (climb into the eyes and in the face), then it's time to remove all unnecessary. But if even a year the baby's hair is not so much, and they are not long, then do not bother the child once again.
  • Features of the development of the child. If the crumb does not yet know how to sit, then cutting it will be quite problematic, so it's worth waiting a little.
  • Character traits. If the kid is afraid of everything and everyone, then the haircut for him can become a frightening and even a terrible event. In this case, it makes sense to wait a bit, as some fears pass away with age, and the character changes. In addition, the shy child to cut should be prepared in advance.

Decide when to cut a child, can only know his best parents. Do not rely solely on the opinion of relatives or friends, and some advice is altogether better to ignore.


For a baby, a haircut can be a frightening event, so first you need to prepare the crumbs. Here is what you can do:

  1. Show your child all the tools that you will use, let him touch them.
  2. Show how all the fixtures work. You can cut a piece of hair from the head of the child or with your own, if the baby is still afraid.
  3. Find the video on which they cut the other baby and show it to the crumbs. And you can go to the hairdresser, so that the child himself saw everything with his own eyes and realized that there was nothing wrong with a haircut.
  4. Tell us how the haircut will take place, and how the baby should behave so that everything goes well.

In a hairdresser or at home?

The child should be fashionable

What to choose: go to the hairdresser or cut the child with your own hands? It all depends on a particular situation. So, if you are confident in yourself and your abilities, as well as that you do not harm the baby, then shear the child at home.

This, by the way, will allow you to save. If you are afraid that you will not cope or do something wrong, then it is best to go with the baby to the hairdresser and rely on the professionals.

Choosing a hairdresser

The choice of a hairdressing salon is very important. Here's what you should pay attention to:

  • Distance from home. It is advisable to find a hairdresser nearby, as a long road can tire a baby, and he will be capricious.
  • Conditions in the hairdresser. Since in this place they cut their children, everything must be done for the little ones: bright and comfortable furniture, decor, toys, and so on. The child should like it here.
  • Services. In addition to a variety of haircuts in the barbershop can offer a whole entertainment program for children.And sometimes it is just necessary, because it is very difficult to force a baby to sit still and not spin around. Yes, a visit to such a hairdresser can be expensive, but sometimes it is necessary and worth it.
  • The hairdresser should be gentle, sociable and attentive. He should be interested in the child, to endear him. Otherwise, the baby may become frightened and will not obey.
  • Prices. Overpaying is not worth it, but you don’t need to spare any money either, since the quality and quality of the haircut determines the calmness and appearance of your child.
  • It would be worthwhile to study the reviews.

We cut the baby at home

How to cut a baby at home by yourself? There are several important points and rules.

We prepare everything you need

Prepare everything you need in advance:

  • comb with frequent teeth;
  • a spray with water;
  • special scissors for cutting hair (they can be different, choose the right one) or a machine;
  • a towel or diaper (to cover the shoulders of the baby);
  • comfortable chair (the baby should be comfortable in it, but at the same time such a chair should not prevent you from carrying out your plans);
  • interesting cartoon to attract the attention of the child.

Strizhim girl

The girl, of course, need to cut with scissors. Here is an approximate algorithm of actions:

  1. First, sit the baby on a chair so that everyone is comfortable. Cover the child’s shoulders with a diaper or towel and secure the edges.
  2. Turn on the cartoon by placing a chair in front of the TV so that the child does not spin.
  3. If you want to cut the bang, then first separate it. Take a comb and part in the right place. Adjust the density of the bangs and adjust the evenness of the parting. Fasten the remainder of the hair with an elastic band and preferably also with a rim so that they do not interfere.
  4. Measure the desired bang length. Sprinkle hair with water from the spray gun, covering the face of your princess. Comb the fringe so that it lies exactly and correctly. Ask the girl to close her eyes and start cutting. Shake all hair from face. Fix irregularities.
  5. Now fasten the bang and proceed to the haircut of the remaining hair. Sprinkle them with water, carefully comb it, place it evenly (it should not be too thick, in this case you will not succeed). Measure the desired length and start cutting. Trim the curls.

Strizhim boy

Be attentive

Boys most convenient to cut with a typewriter.Here's how to do it:

  1. Select the desired headpiece of the machine, given the desired length of hair.
  2. Seat the child on a chair, cover his shoulders with a diaper, turn on the cartoon.
  3. Turn on the machine so that the boy is used to its noise and is not afraid.
  4. Spray hair with water from a spray bottle.
  5. Begin to cut from the head. Ask the child to tilt his head forward a little, hold it. Move from the neck to the crown.
  6. If desired, the bangs can be left for this, pre-separate it, and then trim it.
  7. Trim the top of the head, then process the whiskey. Cut off the excess hairs, trim them all over the head.

Helpful Tips

A few helpful tips that will simplify your haircut and make it safer:

  1. Do not make sudden movements! All your manipulations with the hair should be sure, but neat, calm and smooth.
  2. Do not splash hair with too much water. They should be only slightly damp, this will facilitate the process of cutting and make the curls more docile.
  3. Choosing the right length, remember that wet hair seems longer than short.
  4. Calm down and properly set up the baby, calm down yourself!

Have a good haircut and beautiful hairstyle for your child!

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