Rules of safe flirting with the head

In the 21st century, an unstable financial situation developed on the territory of the Russian Federation, accompanied by a deterioration in the standard of living in the country. For a multimillion state, this set of circumstances implies the emergence of unemployment. Commercial enterprises are closing, and the number of laid-off employees at industrial facilities is growing exponentially. It is not surprising that young and promising students who have graduated from universities cannot find a good job. Highly paid positions are already occupied by employees who have practical experience in a certain field. Young professionals are forced to start a career from the first stage, losing the advantages and privileges over competitors. Some graduates for a long period of time do not find specialized work, because the leadership of most enterprises today reduces the staff, increasing the level of profitability of the company.It is difficult to “walk” on the career ladder for girls whom the heads are ready to accept for service positions. Having graduated at the university for 5 years, becoming a secretary, a waitress or a saleswoman in a shopping center is a dubious prospect for the fair sex.

Rules of safe flirting with the head

In the current situation, some women try to extract the maximum benefit from the relationship between the boss and the "subordinate", using their attractiveness, charm and charm to achieve their goals. Managers who succumb to the charms of a young temptress, create for the employee comfortable conditions in the workplace. Mistresses bosses, who enjoy among the "subordinates" authority and respect, embody the cherished desires of young seductresses in return for attention and intimate relationships. However, it is not always possible to get a highly paid position only through an affair with a boss. Wise women who know the "language" of the body and are able to attract the attention of men, manage to flirt easily, not flowing into hotel rooms and "overtime" visits. To advance on the career ladder, the girls have enough to confine themselves to languid glances and graceful gestures, obscuring the male consciousness.In the course of such a format of communication, the boss realizes that his employee is a feminine, passionate, inaccessible, but vulnerable representative of the fair sex.

The daily communication of an interesting man and an attractive woman at work is a weighty reason for flirting, which does not bind both parties to anything.

Before conferring a strict reprimand, distributing bonus money or promotion, the manager will definitely remember the languid gaze of his colleague. However, such a relationship with the boss suggests the presence of an invisible edge that you cannot categorically violate - you have to remain desired, without leaving your boss’s imagination. To avoid an unacceptable scenario, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of safe flirting with your boss in advance, eliminating unwarranted risks.

Rules of safe flirting with the head

Why flirt with the leader?

Some women do not understand the difference between flirting and flirting with the boss, trying by any means to attract the attention of the manager. It is important to understand that easy communication, accompanied by languid views, does not oblige both parties to anything - this is the main advantage of flirting.You can not take the kindness and the location of the chief, as an excuse for offensive action. You and the manager are colleagues who have friendly sympathy for each other. If you clearly distinguish between the above concepts, then flirting with the boss will be accompanied by the following advantages:

  • a feminine employee, who settled in the secret fantasies of the boss, can count on relief from the authorities;
  • at the time of the fine, the languid gaze of the employee reduces the degree and financial equivalent of the punishment;
  • flirting with the boss, you can expect a satisfactory answer to the request for vacation or sick leave;
  • unconstrained and intriguing communication with the manager is a reason for the award, which the boss will definitely write out to his favorite in the team of professionals who are devoid of emotions;
  • flirting with the boss can be a determining factor in choosing a candidate for a highly paid position, given the professional and personal qualities of employees;
  • public inviolability of the "favorite" of the boss, over which his colleagues will be afraid to joke is another advantage of flirting with the boss.

If a manager finds out about the mercantile spirit and insincerity of the intentions of her employee, then the only right decision is to quit at will.

Remember that the main thing is to control oneself without destroying the created format of relations with the boss. Flirting should bring moral and psychological pleasure to both parties. It is worth noting that the employee may be married, and the head is married - friendly communication, accompanied by human sympathy with unconstrained compliments, will not oblige colleagues at work. However, it is important to determine in advance the purpose of communication. If you are flirting with the boss, trying to take him away from the family, then just flirting will not work - these are radically different formats of communication with the manager. Flirting is an exceptional way to brighten up the working life of tired people who are cute to each other.

Rules of safe flirting with the head

Effective recommendations

If you decide to improve relations with the head, wanting to attract his attention, it is important to draw up a plan of upcoming actions in advance. You must decide on the rules of conduct, establish an acceptable framework for communication and identify restrictions that cannot be broken.To the relationship with the boss proceeded in the intended way, follow the following recommendations, not forgetting the belief in yourself:

  • Observance of subordination at work is an integral part of easy flirting with the boss, because you are primarily colleagues. It is important to establish in communication an invisible border, which is strictly prohibited to transgress. If the manager starts caring for you, then be prepared for correct failures. You can not allow the boss to lose interest in your person by achieving the goal and switching to other employees.
  • To capture the mind and attract the attention of the boss, you need to be a visually attractive girl and self-sufficient person who disposes to communicate. You can not infringe on the freedom of the chief, claiming for working hours - the boss himself must show interest, distracting you from your work activity for passing conversations.
  • It is not recommended to show negative emotions in the presence of the manager, so that he is not familiar with such a side of your character. For the boss, you must appear in the image of an intriguing and inviting girl who does not load the problems of the surrounding people.In dialogues with the boss, prefer to listen and "shoot" eyes, considering the boss's significant opinion.

Rules of safe flirting with the head

  • Do not exert psychological influence on the boss, securing him in person in disputes with other employees. If the colleague is right, the boss will have to stand by his side, so as not to endanger his own reputation. Remember that you are for the leader - a pleasant companion, an attractive colleague, but not a relative or legal wife.
  • Humbly accept the punishments handed down by your boss. If you are late for work, then do not argue with the received fine, proving your own rightness. Smile and guiltily lower your eyes to the floor - this behavior can bring you more benefits than stories of traffic jams, shutting down the elevator or troubled neighbors.
  • Appreciate the treacherous communication with the boss, remaining secretive to other employees. Envious colleagues will make efforts to debunk your image in the eyes of the chief, telling stories about the obscene behavior of his “pet”. Flirting with your boss is not a reason for pride, so choose to keep the nuances of your communication with you.

Guided by uncomplicated rules, you will definitely be able to preserve the format of easy and relaxed communication with the chef. The main thing is that you do not violate the taboos established in advance, provoking the leader to the rapid development of events. The boss should connect with you exclusively positive emotions, moving away from the everyday routine of the metropolis and hard working hours.

Rules of safe flirting with the head

It is worth noting that safe flirting with the boss is a privilege of strong and self-sufficient women who know the price of their own words and deeds.

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