Rooster - a symbol of 2017 do it yourself

The rooster - a symbol of 2017, made with different hands by yourself, will be a wonderful memorable gift for a loved one.

And according to beliefs, he will also bring good luck to the house where he will live.

Rooster is a symbol of 2017 with his own hands

The rooster is a symbol of 2017 with your own hands.

A simple symbol of 2017 can be made from plasticine using your own hands by making a hand-made article in the form of a wall panel. At the beginning of work you will need to arrange the background (sky and grass) with a layer of plasticine of the corresponding color. In the sky immediately make clouds. Then a brown hedge is laid out, and sunflowers are planted near it. We make a bright country rooster on the fence, making it rather convex.

 Rooster head

Rooster head

Rooster of clay

Rooster made of clay

Plasticine makes a real New Year souvenir -picture with cock.

 Painting with a cockerel - a symbol of 2017

Painting with a cockerel - a symbol of 2017

New Year's rooster can be made from salt dough. See the video for more details:

You can make a rooster out of a bright cardboard sheet. To do this, we cut off one of the corners of the cardboard in a circle and turn it into a cone. Wings are cut from the remaining paper, and comb, beak and legs are cut out of red paper.

 Contours for cutting

Contours for cutting

Paper Rooster

Rooster made of paper

By the same principle, you can make little funny cockerels.

Males of paper

Paper chickens

You can arrange them as a postcard, decorated with feather wings.

Petushki Postcards


The original rooster is made from paper rings and a triangle,paper streaks easily turn into.

 Rooster made of strips of paper

Rooster made of strips of paper

And if you make a little body out of a paper cylinder , the rooster will become more stable.

 Symbol of 2017 from a cardboard roll

Symbol of 2017 from a cardboard roll

Turning the cylinder vertically, you get the basis for the original under weight.




















Applique" rooster "of coffee grains

Feathers are useful in the manufacture of rooster bells, the base of which is sculpted from salt dough or clay. And as a basis, it is convenient to use cells from carton packaging from under the eggs.

 Males of cardboard cells

Males of cardboard cells

You can turn into a rooster box a whole carriage for chicken eggs. Fill it with small candies - and the present is ready for kids!

Rooster from the cart from under the eggs

In the work, you can use other waste materials - for example, disposable plates. Pendants made of them are easy to manufacture.

 Cocks from disposable plates

Cocks from disposable plates

Funny cockerels are made from colored pegs, decorated with pieces of felt.

 Roosters of clothespins

Roosters of clothespins

And from a piece of knitwear or chintz fabric you can sew a real soft toy in character form years.

Rooster made of cloth

Rooster made of cloth

Beautiful New Year's cocks are made from multi-colored felt. Details of the pattern are interconnected with threads or glue. We fill the interior of the craft with cotton wool.

 New Year's Felt Rooster

New Year's Felt Rooster

From felt you can make a flat cockerel on a stick.

Felled Cockerel

Felted Cockerel

Skillful craftsmen will be able to make a rooster out of colored wool.

Cock of wool

Cock of wool

Take a look at the video workshop: "New Year's Cock of Felt."

Very nice looking smiling cock created in the technique of quilling.

 Lay out the cockerel from the paper strips

Lay out the cockerel from the paper strips





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