Review of the best low-cost tones

The main task of quality foundation is to mask skin imperfections and even out the tone of the face. The time of "heavy" means, which, though reliably concealed all defects, but created the effect of a mask, fortunately, has passed. Now light textures are available for girls, which make it possible to make the makeup as natural as possible. But do they have to be expensive? Our answer is definitely not.

That is why we have collected for you the top budget funds that cope with their task no worse than the options of the luxury segment.

When cheap does not mean bad

The formulas of modern creams allow them to practically blend in with the skin tone, the main thing is to choose the option and tone that suits your type.

Better Skin, Maybelline

Despite its dense texture, the base is easy to lay on the skin and is well absorbed. In addition, mousse texture allows you to perfectly hide bumps, pimples and redness.

But after all, the tool should not only work as a “cover” for face problems, but also take care of it.It is with this goal in Better Skin manufacturers added vitamins C and B5, and even zinc, which helps to dry the rashes.

If you are afraid that you will again get the “mask effect”, apply the product using a wet sponge.

Stay All Day, Essence

Light, fluid-like, it matures well and makes it easy to shade it without leaving a divorce. Despite the cost, the tool is very popular, and lives up to its name, holding on for really long. Suitable for skin prone to dryness, because it nourishes and does not tighten it.

Nude Magique Eau De Teint, L’Oreal Paris

When you first try Nude Magique Eau De Teint, you might be surprised, because it looks like water. Can he handle his tasks? Of course, after all, the main idea is that you can create a make-up in the nude style. In addition, the savings are palpable - just a few drops will be enough to even out the tone of the entire face.

So what is the secret of this budget cream? It's simple - it consists of several oils, each of which has its own time of evaporation. Thanks to this, the Nude Magique Eau De Teint is almost instantly absorbed, but at the same time makes it possible to properly distribute it.

Longwear Blur Foundation, Lumene

The manufacturer promises resistance up to 16 hours.And the special thermal pigments and light-reflecting particles help to apply the remedy easily, giving the skin extra velvety. It is perfect for both cold season and summer, because SPF 15 is included in the lineup.

Petit BB Shimering, Holika Holika

Korean cosmetics is once again experiencing a boom in popularity. Light and light, it contains a basically pearl powder, and helps make the face fresh. By systematically using Petit BB Shimering you can even get some clarifying effect. Relatively inexpensive, it truly pleases with its quality.

Skin Luminizer, Maxfactor

The smallest light-reflecting particles catch light and give the skin a light flicker. In addition, the base perfectly moisturizes. But It is worth noting that it is suitable only for the normal type, since it does not cope well with masking irregularities and eruptions.

Products in the mass market category do not at all suggest poor quality. And our list is confirmation. We are sure that choosing the best of them will not be difficult for you. Be attractive!

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