Recommendations on the choice of grinders

Angle grinder, simply called grinder - a tool needed when performing repair, construction and installation works. This tool is used by professionals, it is also necessary in the household. Specialized stores offer power tools from different manufacturers, with different technical characteristics. How to choose a grinder, what should I look for? This question asks every potential buyer. Let's try to figure it out.


For each type of angle grinder, working disks of a certain diameter are intended. Its maximum value is indicated in the technical passport of the instrument. In addition, it contains information about the diameter of the installation hole, the maximum permissible thickness of the disc. The diameter of the disc determines the depth of cut and the life of the disc itself. For professional use and for large amounts of work, it is recommended to use circles with a large diameter.

The wheel experiences severe loads during operation: high revolutions are detrimental for large diameter disks, since their outer edge has a high linear velocity. Therefore, a tool designed to work with large circles, low-speed. If it is equipped with a speed regulator (today all modern models have this function), then it is easier to work with such machines during grinding surfaces. Accordingly, grinders working with large circles are more powerful than those intended for small ones.

Which Bulgarian to choose to work was convenient?

There are a number of useful functions that equip angle grinders and professional, and some household models. A system that limits the starting current is very useful: when using a powerful tool at home, there is often a voltage drop in the network. The result is an increase in current, which, in turn, leads to the operation of protective automata. This phenomenon is explained by a significant current consumption during tool start. Power surges and blackouts cause complaints from neighbors.This function helps to reduce current consumption. Some models are able to maintain a certain number of revolutions.

Often during operation there is an uneven abrasion of the disk. Subsequently, this can create difficulties, especially at the time of launch. In critical cases, such wear can be dangerous: the circle will collapse while touching the material being processed at high speeds. To prevent such consequences, some Bulgarians are equipped with a mechanism that automatically smoothes out heartbeats. It is worth remembering that such balancing is important not only for convenience of work, but also for safety: it is important to take into account during the choice of the tool.

The ergonomics of the Bulgarian body plays a significant role in the selection. The handle should be comfortable, lie well in your hand, have rubberized, soft vibration-absorbing inserts and notches for fingers. The tool must be balanced: it is important that the center of gravity is not clearly shifted towards the rotating part. You must have an additional handle and protective shield, as well as a special key needed to remove and install the circle.Some manufacturers equip the tool with a self-locking nut.

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