Protest against the school

Protest against the schoolThe protest against the school - the result of unreasonable overbidding



In essence, no one was engaged in the child. He does what he wants, he is completely unable to endure any stress or the most insignificant state of frustration. He was used to worship, indulging all his desires and fads. The child is not able to accept any structuring of his life and the suppression of his desires. This is how his fierce protest against the school is formed.


"Dali's father had to drag him to the first school with force, and the boy kicked and squealed, protesting both against the abruption of the dominance of women habitual for him, and against the imposition of his father's will on his own-childish-but not on the year's evolving desires."


Sexual Abuse

The father, driven by liberal ideas, gave the child to a poor, poor municipal school. In the life of the child appears a new important figure - the director of the school, Trayter, who was not only a bad teacher, but also a possessor of sinister qualities.


Dali later wrote that this must have looked like Faust's study, where the seigneur Triter put him on his knees and clumsily caressed the delicate skin of the child's chin.


“Whether Traiter’s attention went further than just stroking his pet’s chin is a matter of conjecture, but knowing the horror that Dali experienced in later life before touching, it is reasonable to assume that his visits to Senor Toryter’s back room could contribute to aversion to normal contacts.” .


Strange and frightening things, a mummified frog dancing on a string, medical instruments, an image of a little Russian girl wrapped in fur and surrounded by wolves, "all these threatening mechanisms and tools ... photos in a book on venereal diseases ... were to appear in his subsequent paintings" after they firmly settled in the child’s subconscious.

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