Pros and cons of a relationship with a man who is older

The fact that love can bring happiness with its appearance at any age is known to many. But so far, couples in which a woman is much younger than a man are surprising and even bewildering. But is it bad, and is there a future for this relationship? Let's try to figure it out.

The reasons for "unequal relations"

While relatives and other interested persons continue to “groan” and “gasp”, we will try to find out why girls prefer older men:

  1. Deficiency of paternal attention. It happens that a girl grows up without a father or for some reason rarely sees him, receiving less love and affection. Trying to build relationships in adulthood, she is subconsciously looking for a person who could compensate for all this.
  2. Sense of security A woman, regardless of status and character, at some point wants to feel weak, having fully trusted a man in many issues and decisions.Young guys are often windy and dependent, and older men can provide the necessary security.
  3. Perspectivity. It is no secret that some women are attracted to mature men precisely from the material point of view. If this is a woman, for example, 30 years old, then her older man usually already has a good job, takes a good position and is able to provide for a family. Of course, you should not equal all the representatives of the stronger sex for the ideal, but such cases are not at all rare.

The main "trumps"

What are the main advantages of relationships in which there is a considerable difference in age?

  1. Wisdom. This is one of the main advantages. Men aged are more patient and experienced. They are confidently responsible not only for themselves, but also for the partner, as well as the decision making. In addition, representatives of the strong half of humanity, who have a love for ladies younger than themselves, are ready to help with business and advice in all spheres of life - from career to housekeeping.
  2. Fidelity. Having found the second half, such men no longer need to prove to others that they are still full of strength and keep themselves “on horseback”.It will be enough to look at the young lady, and everything will immediately become clear. Therefore, treason in this case is quite a rare case.
  3. Strong marriage. Statistics says that the number of divorces of couples in which both spouses are about the same age is much more than those in which the spouse is older than their chosen one. The ideal difference is 10 years. The chosen one at this age is already calmer and more rational about the whims of the second half, and tries to solve problems and conflicts not with loud quarrels, but with concessions and compromises.
  4. Children. Turn again to the statistics. She says that in the case when in a couple where the spouse is 20 years older, children are born, they are often more developed and clever than their peers.

Are there any downsides?

But, despite the large number of positive moments, there are some disadvantages in such relations:

  1. He and his parents. Often it is difficult for the girl’s parents to understand the choice of their child and to forge a relationship with their chosen one, who is of the same age.
  2. Recreation. Often, different interests cause misunderstandings and offenses. After all, young girls, as a rule, want to go out more often “into the light,” and a mature man prefers more measured leisure activities.
  3. Friends. This is more difficult than that.For young men, an older man is boring, and in the company of the chosen one, the girl, as a rule, also feels uncomfortable too. Unless, of course, it will be possible to come to some general solution of the issue.
  4. Former. Often the older men behind him already have experience of family life and children, so the girl will have to put up with the fact that his time will be divided between you and them.
  5. "Reeducation." Adults, experienced men have already formed as individuals, so it is unlikely that they will succeed in “redrawing” them. I'll have to get used to the habits and looks.

Despite the skepticism of others, a huge number of married couples with a large difference in age stubbornly prove one simple truth - all ages are submissive to love. And if life gave a companion older by 10-20 years, perhaps he is your destiny.

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