Properly collect birch sap, without harm to the tree

The advantages of birch sap do not need advertising. This is a good help in the period of beriberi. Despite the fact that this life-giving moisture does not have a bright and rich taste, it contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins, has a tonic and refreshing effect with regular use.

Every year, at the end of March and beginning of April, when the sun begins to warm up the sleeping ground, and the trees are preparing to release the kidneys, the trickle begins the sap movement from roots to branches. It was at this time that birch sap began to be collected.

Properly collect birch sap, without harm to the tree

The method of collecting birch sap without harm to the tree

Methods of collection may be different, but the principle is one: an incision is made or the hole through which the juice flows out of the tree into the substituted container.

Tools for collecting birch sap:

  1. plastic bottle, plastic bag or glass jar.
  2. garden knife or drill.
  3. garden pitch
  4. wooden cork with a diameter of 4-5 mm.

Properly collect birch sap, without harm to the tree

In order not to harm the tree, it is necessary to choose birch with a trunk diameter of at least 35 mm as a donor. The older the tree, the more juice can give during the season.

3 ways to make a fixture to collect:

  1. A branch is cut, a plastic bottle is attached to the place of cutting with a wire or with the help of scotch tape, and its neck is covered with garden pitch so that insects and dust cannot get inside. When the container is filled, it is emptied and reattached back.
  2. A small hole is drilled in the bark of the tree, into which a plastic tube is inserted, and juice flows through it. Its end is introduced into the bottle from under the carbonated drink through the lid with a hole punched in advance with a hot nail. As you fill, the juice merges into a large container. After the juice is selected, the hole is sealed with a wooden chopik to prevent spontaneous leakage of life-giving moisture. The tree successfully heals this wound for the next season.
  3. The bark of the birch is cut and carefully bent, a screw is screwed into the cleaned place of the trunk 3-4 centimeters deep.Then it is removed, and a tube is placed in the hole, under which a thick plastic bag is hung. After the completion of the juice collection procedure, the hole must be covered with cement or clogged with a wooden plug.

Where is birch sap collected in the store?

It is known that, on an industrial scale, birch sap is produced in the north of Ukraine, in the European part of Russia and in Belarus, where birch trees are very common. The ideal place of extraction is birch groves, which grow in areas of mixed forests far from big cities. This could not get smog and harmful emissions from industrial enterprises.

Natural birch sap does not have a bright taste, although it is very useful for the body. In order to improve its commercial quality, before the sale, a preparation is carried out, during which the collected juice is thermally treated with the addition of citric acid and sugar. This drink is rolled up in banks and offered in retail chains.
At home, collected birch sap can not only be preserved after pasteurization, but also be used to prepare kvass and refreshing beverages on its basis. If the volume of juice production is significant, wine is made from it, home brew, high quality moonshine.In folk medicine, it is recommended to use birch sap and as a wound-healing and firming external agent. To improve hair growth, it is recommended to make masks on the scalp based on it.

Thus, birch sap is recommended not only to drink to strengthen and heal the body, but also to be used in everyday life as a medicine.

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