Pregnant Duchess Katherine was accused of being too thin

The first appearance of the Duchess Catherine after the announcement of the third pregnancy (she visited a charity evening in Buckingham Palace) did not produce the expected wow effect. On the contrary, it caused criticism of the painful thinness of a future mother of a large family. In social networks argue about whether a woman in the fifth month of pregnancy can look so thin. And they blame the royal family for not monitoring the health of the English princess, who has a clear eating disorder.

Pregnant Duchess Katherine was accused of being too thinPregnant Duchess Katherine was accused of being too thin

In defense of Catherine, it must be said that for the past few weeks she has been experiencing severe toxicosis - this, of course, could not but affect her appearance. At the charity evening, Katherine looked very pale and haggard, so her companions, Princes William and Harry, tried not to move far away from her, so that in case of dizziness or fainting to catch her and prevent falling.So let's refrain from criticism and wish Catherine well-being.

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