Prayer to Archangel Michael is a very strong defense.


Throughout life a person meets not only with good, but also bad people. Not everyone has good intentions. People with negative energy can cause illness, disrupt the usual rhythm of life. That is why each person needs the protection of the Higher Forces, which can be obtained if you pray. If you ask sincerely and with a pure soul, the requests will surely be heard. One of the most powerful holders of the divine power is the Archangel Michael. He is able to protect the mere mortal not only from small, but also from great adversity. Many Orthodox know that prayer to Archangel Michael is a very strong defense against evil forces and enemies.

Who is Archangel Michael?

The name Michael is translated from the Hebrew language as "like God himself." He is considered the supreme commander of all the angels who serve the Lord.

On a note! In the book of the prophet Daniel, Michael is listed as the first prince who fights for his people.His image is also easily found in the writings of Judas, where he acts as the "enemy of the devil."


For the first time, Michael became famous when he defeated the fallen angel in the heavens of Lucifer. As a result, he was expelled to the ground. Even today, many Orthodox believe that the struggle between the Archangel and Lucifer is not completed and continues to this day. Moreover, every person living on earth is able to take part in this battle.

The Church recognizes Archangel Michael as the protector of man from any evil. Therefore, on the icons he is depicted with a sword in his hands, which symbolizes the eternal struggle against evil spirits. To read or even listen to prayer to Archangel Michael (the Archstate) - to receive very strong protection from evil.

How to contact the Archangel Michael with a prayer?

To say the daily prayer to Archangel Michael is available to everyone, regardless of age, gender and nationality. September 19 is this holy holiday, so Christians attend church and pray to him on this day. The second holiday of Michael falls on November 21. On this day, the sins of all relatives, even the departed, are prayed for.


The confirmation of the miracles that the Archangel is capable of creating is one ancient history.Once a peasant had a dream in which he saw the healing of his dumb daughter. For this, it must sip water from a holy spring. A miracle happened, and the girl really started to talk. From that moment on, the peasant’s faith became stronger. He built a temple in honor of St. Michael. But when the pagans decided to flood it, the peasant began to pray, the Archangel fell from heaven and the temple was saved. It happened on September 19. Since then, the holiday of Michael is celebrated on this day.

Those who do not know the text of the prayer to the Archangel Michael can simply make a request to the saint, describing the problem in their own words. But it is better to memorize it and repeat it every day to get very strong protection.

However, it happens that for some reason people cannot speak. In the modern world, there is a great opportunity to download the Orthodox prayer to Archangel Michael from the Internet and listen to it in audio format. Of course, this is not the same thing, but at least something.

What does prayer give?

It is believed that the Archangel Michael is the first protector for those who live by the laws of God. With his sword, he cuts off fears and anxieties, protects against evil forces.If you read the daily prayer to the Archangel Michael, you can get very strong protection from temptations, evil, evil eye, misfortunes, attacks, various magical influences and tragic events.


Those who enter into dialogue with the Saints with a pure heart receive the following:

  • patience, which is often so lacking in life;
  • getting rid of cowardice;
  • out of difficult situations;
  • protection from elements, troubles, tragic events;
  • deliverance from weakness, anxiety, mental anguish;
  • protection from enemies, robberies;
  • opportunity to successfully pass exams.

Saying a prayer to Archangel Michael is to get very strong protection on a long journey.

In addition, the supreme angel relieves the souls of torment in hell. To do this, a person living on earth needs to write on a piece of paper the names of everyone for whom he asks. After that, reading the prayer, you need to pronounce them. Especially it operates on the night from the 20th to the 21st of November and from the 18th to the 19th of September, when St. Michael is revered. It is these days it is customary to ask for the dead, necessarily adding a phrase"And all the relatives to the flesh of Adam's tribe".

Who can pray to Archangel Michael for protection?

Anyone can read the prayer to Archangel Michael, since the Holy does not divide people by gender or nationality.Even a born atheist can get support if he is pure in soul. If you ask sincerely, the Archangel will not refuse.


If fears have settled in the soul, it is difficult to determine the goal in life, there is no way out of a difficult situation, you can always turn to the saint. Moreover, it is not necessary to pray only in the moment of despair. If you read the short prayer to Archangel Michael every day, you will be able to gain very strong protection in any situation.

Strong prayers to Archangel Michael every day

The text of the Orthodox prayer to Archangel Michael for every day:

"Lord, Great God, King without beginning, send Your Archangel Michael to help your servants (names). Protect, Archangel, from the visible and invisible enemies.

Oh Lord Great Archangel Michael! Forbid all enemies that fight me, and create them as sheep, and subdue their wicked hearts, and crush them, as dust before the wind.

Oh Lord Great Archangel Michael! Six-winged first prince and governor of Heavenly Forces - Cherubim and Seraphim, wake us helper in all troubles, in affliction, in sorrows, in the desert and on the seas a quiet haven!

Oh Lord Great Archangel Michael! Deliver us from all the delights of the devil, when you hear us, sinners, praying to you and calling on your holy name.

Accelerate us to help and conquer all who oppose us, through the power of the Holy Cross and the Holy Cross, the prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos, the prayers of the holy apostles, the holy wonderworker Nicholas, Andrew, Christ for the holy fool, the holy prophet Elijah, and all the holy martyrs Nikita and Eustache, and of all our saints, from the beginning, to those who pleased God, and all the holy Heavenly Forces.

Oh Lord Great Archangel Michael! Help us, sinners (names), deliver us from coward, flood, fire, sword and death in vain, and from all evil, from a flattering enemy, from a storm that is inflicted, deliver from a sly one forever, now and forever, and forever. Amen".

Another strong prayer:

“Holy and Great Archangel of God to Michael, inscrutable and most powerful Trinity is the first in Angeleh to be a primate, a kind of human priest and guardian, who crushed the head of the pregordo Dayfinder in heaven and shame him to the earth! We resort to you with faith and pray to you with love: wake up the shield indestructible and take firmly the Holy Church and our Orthodox Fatherland, shielding them with your lightning sword from all enemies, visible and invisible.Do not forsake, O Archangel of God, by your help and our intercession and us, who glorify your holy name this day: be sure, many more sinful emasma, we will not perish in our lawlessness, but turn to the Lord and lively being from Him for good deeds . Inspect our mind with the light of the face of God, shining forth on your lightning forehead, let us understand that there is God's will for us, good and perfect, and carry on everything that befits us to do and despise and forsake. Strengthen the grace of the Lord with our weak will and feeble willpower, yes, established in the law of the Lord, stop other wallowing with earthly thoughts and lust of the flesh, carried away in the likeness of foolish children by the curvature of the beauties of this world, just like perishing and earthly fears. Over all these, ask us from above the spirit of true repentance, the unfeigned sadness of the Bose and the crushing of our sinters, and the remaining number of our temporary stomachs are dependent not on pleasing our feelings and our passions, but on cursing the evils done by us, tears of faith and contrition of the heart, feats of purity and holy works of mercy.When the hour of the end of our liberation from the bonds of the frail of this body is near, do not leave us. Archangel of God, defenseless against the spirits of the anger of the heavenly, who use to block the soul of humanity, ascension into the mountain, yes, we are guarded by you, without access to heavenly glorious villages, ideally to bear sorrow, not sighing, but life will endlessly weep to the sun and weep to the sun and to glorify the sun and to glorify the sorrow, not to sigh, but to live endlessly and to glorify the sun and to glorify the sun and to glorify the sun, to glorify the sadness, not to sigh, but life will endlessly, and to live the sun will rest in the sun and the sun will be lifted and the sun will be lifted to sorrow, not sighing, but life will be endless, and we will live, we will live, and we will live the sun and weep to the sun. of ours, fallen with tears at His feet, in joy and affection we exclaim: glory to You, dearest Redeemer of ours, Izh for your great love for us, unworthy, favored by send your angels into the ministry of our salvation! Amen".

Prayer from diseases and enemies

To get rid of enemies and diseases, read such a short and rare prayer to Archangel Michael:

"O Saint Michael the Archangel, have mercy on us, sinners, demanding your intercession, save us, the servant of God (names), from all visible and invisible enemies, more than support the horror of the mortal and the embarrassment of the devil and reject us unhappily to our Creator in an hour the terrible and righteous judgment of him. O All-holy, great Michael Archistrategy! Do not despise us, sinners, who are praying to you for help and your intercession in this world in the futurebut glorify us in tamo with you, glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen".

Prayer from evil forces

To protect themselves and their families from the evil eye, damage and other magical influences, read the following prayer:

“Autumn me by the grace of your Archangel Michael, help me to exorcise the devil's power, which will not stand from the light that descended from the heavens of Your day. I beg of you to quench the arrows of evil with your breath. Holy Archangel Michael and all kinds of Heavenly Forces, pray for me who is suffering and asking. May the Lord take away the evil thoughts that haunt and torment me from me. Lord, save me from despair, doubt in faith and physical fatigue. The terrible and Great Guard of the Lord, Archangel Michael, with their fiery sword, cut off those who wish to destroy me and those who wish me harm. Stand guard over my house, protect all who live in it and my possessions. Amen".

A short prayer to the Archangel Michael

This prayer to Archangel Michael is short, but it also gives a very strong defense against evil deeds:

“Holy Archangel Michael to God, wring out the lightning sword of your spirit of evil, tempting me.

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