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What girl or woman at least once in her life has not dreamed of becoming a beautiful princess who can boast a shock of voluminous and long hair. But, unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have such a head of hair.

Years go by, and the further it becomes more difficult to grow long and luxuriant hair, often the very structure of the hair does not allow such a hairstyle and, in order to give your hair a more or less spectacular look, they are cut to keep healthy hair and shape it.

The procedure appeared quite a long time ago, but earlier it cost a lot of money, so only very wealthy people could afford it. Now a lot of technologies have appeared, the procedure has developed, therefore it has become more accessible for every girl or woman who wants it.

And it really became a very popular phenomenon, because in a matter of hours a girl can afford to radically change her image, change her short haircut to curvaceous to the waist. This procedure allows you to increase the length of approximately 70 cm,the build-up lasts from half an hour to 3-4 hours, which is relatively short, compared with the long-term expectations of hair regrowth.

You can resort to zonal extension, thereby increasing or even acquiring bangs, as well as to increase hair on the temporal or occipital part, to make highlighting or coloring without even affecting your own hair.

There are several basic technologies related to the build-up, which differ in the way they are executed, as well as the anchorage that will be used in the particular method. What is hair extensions?

In the classic version - this is the addition of artificial or natural hair to your native curls. In total there are two ways of fastening hair extensions - cold and hot fixation. Each of them has its pros and cons.

Pluses and minuses of hot appearance

For hot, you may need only strands with capsules at the ends, containing resin, as well as a special device that “solders” the patch strand to your native hair.

To the positive moments of such an increase can be attributed to the fact that this method allows a long time to wear non-native hair, about six months. In addition, the curls on this technology are not combed out in clots, and they are also easy to remove after use.

Cold hair extensions are fundamentally different from hot ones; they are performed with the help of special clips that are attached to the native hair.

The advantage of this extension is that the hair is not exposed to thermal and chemical effects, cons - the first time you will constantly feel a foreign body, it will be awkward to sleep, and it is very difficult to make a haircut only if it is loose, in which you would not see the clips to which you attach invoices.

But these two main methods of hair extension technology have not stopped, so you can choose the method that will most suit your needs.

Italian technology

This procedure refers to the capsular extension, that is, the overhead strands have special keratin capsules at their ends, with the help of which fasteners are made to the native hair. This is done using a special apparatus that regulates the incandescent temperature.

The whole procedure takes from two to four hours.It is believed that this is the most harmless way, with such extensions you can walk on the sea, in the bath and sauna, as the substance used for fixing hair is very high quality. Correction should be done 1 time in 3-4 months, depending on the hair care.

By the way, hot technologies have their contra-indications. Hair should not be grown with vegetative-vascular dystonia, women who are undergoing chemotherapy, as well as taking potent antibiotics and other drugs, especially hormonal. Also, the procedure is contraindicated for baldness and strong hair loss.

German technology

The German technology of hair extensions is also called a ribbon, since it is based on the use of hairs that are attached with a thin silicone ribbon. Now it is believed that this method of extension is the safest and most popular method, since the hair is not exposed to any heat or chemical effects, it is a very simple and fast way to lengthen your curls.

The whole procedure takes no more than 30 minutes, and even women who have very thin and sparse hairs that do not allow using the capsule method can use this method.The disadvantages of this method include the fact that, although the build-up itself is relatively inexpensive, hair care will be affordable.

In addition, the tape build-up will not last long for you, a maximum of 2-3 months before the first correction. Overhead can be used for another year.

How much is?

Building up is not a cheap procedure. However, at the same time, many can not resist the temptation to become a happy owner of voluminous and long hair. Prices will depend on the technology of extension, as well as on the quality of the hair itself, they can be European, Slavic, Asian and others. The most expensive and well-fitting are Slavic hair.


Of course, hair extensions will require special care, as well as certain tools that will help you keep your new hair in top condition.

For purchased strands, as well as for the entire head as a whole, you cannot use shampoos for dry hair. It is better to get specialized versions of shampoos in general.

Now you will have to wash your head in a strictly vertical position, and all forward bends are strictly forbidden, and you should not go to bed with wet hair.

Hair at night must necessarily be braided in the tail or in the braid, as they are very confused. In general, it will be necessary to get used to the fact that the hair extensions are constantly confused, especially on their short ones.

For the time being, if you have artificial hair, you will have to give up all kinds of funds on a fat basis - masks, balms and others, especially in the areas of roots and capsules. But low-fat means, on the contrary, will have to be used constantly, distributing them over the entire length.

Hair must be combed carefully, with a massage brush with wide teeth, and even better - a special comb. They will have to comb quite often, at least three times a day, and in the morning and evening, comb them with your fingers.

By the way, building can be done at home, but for this, of course, you need certain skills, all the necessary materials, as well as at least two people. It's hard to imagine how you can carefully attach yourself capsules. The procedure is quite feasible, especially if you approach it with all responsibility and knowledge of the case.

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