Pomegranate juice without the hassle: life hacking, making the juicer unnecessary

Gourmands and gourmets who adore pomegranate juice and sauces based on it, will appreciate this life hacking. This method allows not only to quickly extract the juice from the pomegranate, but also ensures that it does not add additional tartness to recycled partitions and stones.

Transparent freshly squeezed pomegranate juice with its characteristic sour taste and tart-sweet aftertaste is extremely easy to obtain. The main condition is that the grenade itself must be flawless and without any damage. Defects on the peel are unacceptable, since at the preparatory stage the garnet must remain intact.

Smooth surface, knife and a little patience

Be careful when choosing a pomegranate. Any holes in the skin can cause a grandiose explosion, as the fetus will be subjected to mechanical stress.

All you need is to roll the grenade back and forth with gentle pressure.Evidence that everything is done correctly will be a characteristic crunch, characteristic of ripe fruit.

Next you need to roll the grenade in a circle, taking care that the pressure was uniform. Juicy pomegranate grains inside the fruit from such manipulations burst and produce juice. It is worth avoiding strong pressure: if the grenade bursts, the juice will just spread on the table.

Slightly pressing on the grenade, check the readiness for pressing. If you feel that the fruit has become soft, you can proceed to the extraction of juice.

In order to get the juice, make a small cut in the peel with a sharp knife. Keep a pomegranate at this point you need over a glass. Now it remains only to lightly press on the fruit, and the juice will flow into the glass.

It remains only to turn the grenade, slightly pressing it. Stronger pressure may cause individual grains to enter the glass.

It is easy to use a sieve to extract the beans from the glass.

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