Pokemon Universe: What Pokémon would you like to catch and hug at bedtime?

Pokemons, which returned in early July, managed to conquer the world for the second time and become the main trend of 2016. The game Pokemon Go has broken all records of popularity: in countries where it is officially launched, they spend more time on it than megapopular WhatsApp and Instagram.

The game Pokemon Go, released by Nintendo, is based on augmented reality technology. Fans of the game go out and with the help of GPS they catch virtual wild pokemonchik in the real world. Every day with pokemonanami occur funny cases, and even the real drama. Players buried in the phone collide with passers-by, fall into a ditch, search for pokemon in strange places like a cemetery, police station or strip club, and even find a real corpse in the place of a virtual pokemon.

Pokemon Go is officially launched in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Japan.In Russia, the official launch was postponed indefinitely, but for thousands and thousands of gamers, this did not become an obstacle.

Who are these Pokemon, where did they come from?

Initially, these animals with superpowers were the heroes of the game-console, then a series of cartoons. Pokemon - in the translation "pocket monster", from pocket monsters. Pokemon six (!) Years developed a Japanese game designer, a great lover of beetles Satoshi Tajiri. Beetles, whose collections Satoshi collected in childhood, like many Japanese boys, were turned into pokemon in the virtual world. They could also collect, train and organize competitions.

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The player of the first two Pokémon games (Pokеmon Red and Pokеmon Blue), released in 1996, had two tasks: to collect all Pokémon and become a great Pokémon trainer. If you connect the two consoles, you could change the Pokemon and arrange fights between them. Over time, the Pokemon universe developed: six generations of the game came out, a very long series about the boy Ashe, who dreams of becoming a Pokemon coach, was filmed, manga comics appeared, a card game with pokemons. Pokemon became a symbol of mass culture.

Familiar strangers

Total Pokemon more than 700, but in their Pokemon Go, as in the first games, 151. There are several types: forest, fire, earth, combat, flying, electric, and so on. Water Pokemon can be found in the near pond or even in your own bath, flying is easier to find in open spaces. Some Pokemon can be found literally everywhere, some need to properly search.

We looked closer at the Pokemon and chose the most-very sweet and sexy, regardless of their strength, ability and rarity.


Pokemon Universe: What Pokémon would you like to catch and hug at bedtime?

Pokemon Icon, possibly a mouse. Pikachu is an electric type, electricity is accumulated in his cheeks.


Pokemon Universe: What Pokémon would you like to catch and hug at bedtime?

The appearance of this Pokemon cat sketched with the famous Japanese mascot Maneki Neko, a cat with a raised foot.


Pokemon Universe: What Pokémon would you like to catch and hug at bedtime?

The name of this slow, slightly inhibited pink Pokemon has long become a household name. By the way, he is a cross between a salamander and a hippopotamus. If it is long and painful to pore over it, it will evolve into a more perfect form.

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