Plaids: what to look for when choosing

A great gift for the holiday will be. It is a universal subject, as it is used in the form of a blanket for beds and chairs, blankets in the cold and warm season. In addition, it can be expanded on the floor in the form of a gaming rug. It serves as an element of decor, for example, to complement a rocking chair and another.

Varieties of blankets

When buying a blanket, you need to decide on several criteria depending on their following types:

1. Material.This is a fundamental parameter, and the blankets are natural, artificial and mixed. Natural are represented by wool, cotton, down, flax and fur. These materials have always been a priority, as they are environmentally friendly, beneficial to the body, durable and create the correct thermoregulation. In warm times, cotton and linen, which are hypoallergenic, are used. In winter, wool is excellent for warming, and especially useful for arthrosis and other diseases, they will be made of camel hair.

Artificial rugs are microfiber, polyester, fleece, acrylic and faux fur. Products made of them differ in inexpensive cost, ease of care, a large variety of colors, low weight.

Last mixed are presented with the addition of artificial fibers in natural and vice versa.

2. Size.Distinguish for children, adults and teenagers.

3. Manufacturing method.They can be as follows: knitted (crocheted, machine knitted, etc.,) of fabric, of flaps, made of one piece of material.

4. Shape.Models can be round, square, oval, or more sophisticated shapes.

5. The package bundle.Often complete bedding can be included, and the themed toy is often complemented by a child's blanket.

Plaid selection options

When choosing a blanket, the following criteria should be considered:

  • in accordance with the purpose, for example, for a sofa you need to pick up a rug that is easily washable, wear-resistant and leaves no traces after sitting;
  • for the summer season, cotton is better, and winter wool is the most heat-retaining, but here you need not be mistaken with the thickness;
  • on the fold of the product, the pile should not look rumpled and felted, otherwise such a blanket will serve a little;
  • the exterior should be done carefully without protruding threads and elongated loops;
  • uniform colourability of the product and the correctness of the pattern;
  • the texture of a quality product is uniform and smooth;
  • allergy-free material, which is very important for a small and elderly person.
  • The blanket should fit the style of the room and the color scheme, which will create additional comfort.

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