Pine cones starfish

starfish from cones
Autumn time is the time when children gladly collect colorful leaves, bizarre branches and fragrant cones. How to apply this natural material with benefits for the development of the child? Simple and effective hand-made of cones - one of the most common options. Find half an hour of free time and devote them to sharing creativity with your child - creating a luxurious starfish from pine cones. For crafting we will need:
hotmelt cones
• 6 unopened pine cones with a sharp nose. 5 of them should be approximately the same size, 1 slightly smaller; • glue gun and glue sticks; • large sharp knife; • acrylic paint of scarlet color (cinnabar) and a hard brush (you can take a brush for glue); • sheet of paper or newspaper to protect the table from glue and paint. Step 1.We collect the "rays" of the star.Clean the cones from dust and needles, cut off their tails. Little bump until set aside. Fold the five-pointed star from the cooked natural material. Apply hot glue gently to the points of contact between the barrels of the cones. Wait until the glue cools.
apply glue
Step 2.Fill the middle of the craft. Use a knife to cut a small cone across in half.
 cut a piece of
Spout us not useful, and the expanded part lay in the center of the star, thus closing the hole in the middle. Again, apply hot glue to the star, securing the center. When the glue cools, the star is ready for painting!
 let it dry
If the paper or newspaper that was used for gluing stuck to the bumps on the reverse side - it does not matter. Carefully tear it off, and then the traces of the newspaper will then be safely hidden by the underlay of paint.
Step 3.Paint the starfish. This stage of work is certainly the most enjoyable.It can be safely trusted to a child over 4 years old. With the smallest, paint the craft together: acrylic paint can be easily distributed over the surface of the cones and can be easily washed off if the tiny one gets dirty. A brush is better to take a hard: it is better to paint over the rough surface of the cones. After painting one side of the starfish, leave it to dry completely (from half an hour or more, depending on the thickness of the applied acrylic layer). Then turn the work over and paint the other side.
 apply paint
 starfish is ready
Bright hack is ready! Thanks to hot glue and acrylic paint, the star turned out to be very durable, so it can be safely used in children's games and in interior decoration.

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