Photo lesson: the original stand under the hot hands

Original coasters for hot diy

Stand under the hot hands

As usual, the first step is to prepare all the necessary materials:


4 tiles 10x10 cm;
glue for decoupage;
glue brush;
paper for scrapbooking (instead of special paper, you can use photos, notes, any illustrations from books, and even ordinary children's drawings);
clerical knife;
In addition, to make the stand water resistant, you need the following:
Envirotex epoxy varnish;
a pair of disposable plastic cups;
wooden stick (for example, from ice cream) for stirring varnish.
By purchasing everything you need, you can begin to manufacture coasters.

Step-by-step photo instruction: how to make a cup stand with your own hands

Step 1. Cut out of paper (photographs, illustrations) squares approximately 9x9 cm in size.
Original coasters for hot diy

Step 2. Make sure the tiles are dry and clean.If necessary, thoroughly degrease tiles with alcohol. Carefully cover the entire back surface of one of the cut squares with glue, paying particular attention to the edges. We paste the square on the tile, pressing it tightly, if necessary, removing air bubbles between the paper and the tile.
Original coasters for hot diy
Repeat the process with all the remaining tiles. Before proceeding to the next step, leave the tiles for about 15 minutes to allow the glue to dry.
Step 3. Check if there are air bubbles under the paper. If they are, gently pierce them with a pin and smooth. Then put a layer of glue on top, trying to distribute it evenly in one direction. We wait until the glue dries (about 15 minutes), and apply a second layer across the first.
Original coasters for hot diy
We leave our blanks until the morning so that the glue will dry properly.
Do it yourself stand: water resistant
In order to stains from tea or coffee do not spoil your work, tiles must be varnished.
Original coasters for hot hands
Step 1. Measure out and mark on one of the disposable cups 30 and 60 ml. This will be quite enough for 4 stands 10x10cm.
Original coasters for hot diy
Step 2. Place both bottles with Envirotex lacquer components in warm water.While the varnish is warmed, glue the paint on the back of the tiles and trim the excess. This will help to subsequently remove excess varnish.
Original coasters for hot hands
Step 3. Pour 30 ml from each bottle of "Envirotex" and mix thoroughly for 1 minute with a wooden stick. Then pour the resulting mixture into a second cup and mix for another minute. Transfusion is necessary so that the undissolved epoxy will settle on the walls of the first cup.
Original coasters for hot hands
Step 4. Immediately after mixing, pour the varnish onto the center of the tiles, trying to distribute it as evenly as possible between all four. Using a piece of cardboard, evenly spread the varnish over the entire surface of the tiles, paying particular attention to the corners. You should also completely varnish the side surfaces of the tiles.
Original coasters for hot hands
Step 5. After about 15 minutes, small bubbles will appear on the surface of the varnish. Cautiously blow on them, and they will burst (this will happen because of the carbon dioxide contained in your breath).
Original coasters for hot hands
Step 6. After 30 minutes after pouring varnish, carefully remove its excess from the underside of the tiles. After another 30 minutes, repeat the procedure. Cover the tiles (for example, with a large box) to prevent dust from settling on the lacquer and leave them for 24 hours.
Original coasters for hot hands
Step 7. Remove the tape from the back of the tiles.If necessary, use a sandpaper or nail file.
Original coasters for hot hands
Step 8. Glue on the back side of the box, cut out of felt or cork.

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