Participation in the survey: can the Internet offer money for it?

By itself, the work is nothing complicated. It is implied that a person receives various polls by e-mail, and he passes them, responding as he really thinks, and gets paid for it. But in such work, if such an activity can be called so, there are also its own “obstacles”.

First, everyone who wants to start making money in this way will need to go through a long registration, during which they will ask strange questions for some. For example, not everyone is pleased to answer in detail where, how and when they live, indicate the number of the house and apartment. However, some survey sites offer just such a questionnaire. Of course, such an interrogation has its own reasons. It is on how a person answers questions related to education, and will depend on the frequency of surveys. But here lies the first obstacle.The problem is that for the passage of specific forms customers need the right people. In other words, it is preferable to receive a response from the user who has a specialized education to surveys on the topic of medicine. That is why paid surveys so rarely come: in a month their number can amount to three or even two copies. This, of course, does not greatly affect the financial position of the contractor, because not so much is paid for one application form.

Second, some polls are not stored for so long. That is, at the moment when a person sees a notice about an available questionnaire and passes on it, he can often see an inscription, the content of which will be reduced to the fact that this work is no longer required. This is due to the fact that some “researchers” just need to know the opinion of thousands of people. And this means that the contractor should be obsessed with regular monitoring of his mail. And then, this version of the work does not guarantee that the performer will “get” the questionnaire.

Of course, the very idea of ​​such an easy money is not so bad. However, over her performance will have to think for many years.

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