Parenting: if you need Montessori techniques or any other

Montessori technique: good or just a myth?

Many parents on playgrounds, walking with their little boys, just gushing with pride in the fact that they are engaged in Montessori and comprehensively develop their child. They are ready to pay any money so that their baby is engaged in "the best, physiological" developmental activities. However, for me this technique is largely controversial. To begin with, it was created for children with mental retardation at the age of three to six years to help them adapt to their peer environment. Then, in some strange way, she was transferred to completely normal and healthy children, without significantly changing her principles. But children with mental retardation and healthy children are a completely different level of development, intelligence and cognition.

In addition, the methodology is focused on the development of predominantly logical thinking, but there is no place for development of speech and creative abilities.Moreover, there was a time when Montessori herself declared that creativity hinders the development of the intellect, logic and speech of children. But physiologists and pediatricians are sure of the opposite: children need comprehensive and creative development, logic will be attached to this automatically.

Parenting: if you need Montessori techniques or any other

And the most basic thing that confuses me as a doctor and mother: Maria Montessori, who is considered to be a good doctor and an outstanding specialist, was not engaged in raising her own children at all, all the more so by her method. She drew all her conclusions and observations that formed the basis of the methodology from caring for other people's children living in orphanages and orphanages. Many of the rules of her methodology for family education are in no way suitable. One of her first postulates about not having to touch a child until he starts contacting you in any form is very controversial. Children need, it is important and necessary attention of parents, and not third-party observation.

Important! If the technique, no matter how popular it is, imposes certain, albeit minor, restrictions, and especially numerous ones, you should think about its perfection. Most likely, it is in fact very controversial, if there are sharply delineated points: you need it, like this and that way! All children are different, all families are individual - it is impossible to drive everyone under a single pattern of methodology!

Montessori boom is declining!

10 years ago, using the Montessori method, it was fashionable to develop children, and the clubs with the prefix “Montessori” grew like mushrooms. But in fact, after working for 3-5 years, most of them closed, without gaining popularity and without giving really bright and outstanding results. Children who are now 7–8 years old and who were taught by Montessori do not differ in anything remarkable and outstanding (at best).

In fact, there is nothing really revolutionary in this system, except for the division into zones in groups of the development center. There are no fundamentally different actions that cannot be taught to a child at home, in these groups there is no. Children will be interested in any new place, where there are a lot of babies, bright toys and fun activities, benefits that you can touch, twist and twirl. Moreover, such clubs position the upbringing of children according to the Montessori method almost from birth, although in reality the international system that prepares Montessori teachers is designed for children from 3 to 6 years old.
Many parents are not even interested in the education of teachers, the goals and objectives that they set, teaching children, and the results that are expected in the end.If someone asks suddenly, and where is the result of your work, the answer is prescribed by Maria Montessori herself: “Everything is individual, every child is unique,” ​​although pediatrics have clear boundaries of age development of various skills, reflecting normal psycho-emotional, verbal and intellectual development . And parents, who are expecting a development of speech from these lessons, may not wait for the first words until they go to a regular kindergarten or start actively studying at home with the baby themselves.

Parenting: if you need Montessori techniques or any other

Will it do good?

Today there are also techniques aimed at classes with children from 18 months to 3 years, as well as with those who are from 6 to 12 years old; the classical system is still designed for preschoolers - boys and girls 2.5–3 years old. For an earlier age group, you need your own unique material and training of specialists, which we still lack in the necessary volume in the country. The experience of those children who were engaged in "artisan" montessori groups up to 3 years old is mostly negative, since the general method is not suitable for age. And often, in fact, under the guise of “montessori center” or “montessori-kindergarten”, ordinary, ordinary private kindergartens or centers, in which they use all the techniques in a row that teachers own, function quite well.Montessori schools officially in Russia do not exist, the training is expensive, difficult and not suitable for all grown children. Moreover, I repeat: Maria herself dealt with children with certain mental and developmental problems, living in shelters, which already significantly distinguishes them from ordinary children growing up in a family. Her methodology teaches the independence of boys and girls who are limited in some way, and for an ordinary baby it will be better and more correct to work with parents, relatives and be surrounded by their care and attention.

Useful or harmful?

It is impossible to make an unequivocal conclusion about the harmfulness of this pedagogical theory; the Montessori method was developed at the beginning of the last century and made an invaluable contribution to the world pedagogy and technology of child development, creating many different didactic materials that parents themselves now use in an improved form. For the time when it appeared, the technique was unique, progressive and interesting. But epochs change, children and adults become different, methods of pedagogy are improved, new inventions appear.The same Benjamin Spock was an innovator for his time, but today his books are being criticized - they don’t fit the time!
It is the same with the Montessori method: it has become a fundamental part of pedagogy, the best has been taken from it, transformed and implemented into the usual upbringing of children. Attention to fine motor skills, frame inserts, sorting items by size and shape - it's all from there.

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