Palmistry - to believe or not the lines on the hand?

Almost every person would like to know what awaits him in the future, because if you know in advance, it is always easier to be safe, so to say, “spread the straw”.

Everyone wonders what they will be able to achieve when they get married and how many children they will have, will it be possible to achieve success and recognition, earn money and spend a happy old age somewhere on a quiet and cozy island? There are a million questions, but, no matter what, the time has not yet been invented, so events can be learned only as they arrive, which is far from pleasant to everyone. But what to do!

Decide for yourself whether to believe or not

Probably, it was out of curiosity that people began to seek out ways that could help them predict the future, the fate of people and the whole world: they guessed by the stars, studied the runes, believed in nature, interestingly, many ways and fortune telling reached our days.

Even Aristotle remarked that the patterns and unknown cobwebs on human palms are scattered over them, not without reason, everything has its own explanation and to this too.

He believed that these lines are able to tell about the character and individuality of a person, because they occur at the behest of higher powers. Palmistry, as a method of fortune telling, arose a long time ago, it is not for nothing considered one of the oldest ways to predict the future, because it was used by ancient Romans, Jews, Hindus, Chineses, Chaldeans and Greeks.

The basic principle of such prophecy was laid in the human hand and patterns that dot their palms: every line and mound can tell everything about a person in the smallest detail, however, for this it is necessary to thoroughly study the principles and concepts of such a science.

But is it really real? Many people know what palmistry is, but it’s quite difficult to believe in the reality and effectiveness of this method of predicting fate.

It is believed that only an experienced and gifted palmist can really find in the folds of the skin and the palms of the palm something that can open the veil of human mystery and mystery.

And really, it's hard to believe that the usual skin creases that every person has are able to tell all the events that will or have been associated with a particular person, because everything depends on the choice of the person himself.Man is the creator of his own destiny, or is it all wrong, and everything that is destined for us is determined, so to speak, in advance and laid in the form of a map of events on our palm?

Palmistry - quackery or unrecognized science?

It is difficult to answer this question, because on each side there are pros and cons, with which it is very difficult to argue. With the development of science in the plausibility of palmistry, it is believed with great difficulty, and after all, only a couple of centuries ago there were universities, where in special departments they studied palmistry as a permanent science.

If you believe its principles, then an experienced palmist is able to tell just one hand, both about individual character traits and the personality as a whole, about her desires and secrets, experiences and successes, stressful situations and affairs on a personal front.

They say you can find out the fate

William John Warner (Louis Hamon), the son of a French gypsy and an English Esquire, who, at the age of 13, predicted that an extraordinary fate awaits him, is considered the most famous and, so to speak, a gifted palmist.

Thanks to the knowledge gained from the Indian sage, as well as many years of study and research, he was able to predict many events that, in the end, thundered to the whole world.

For example, guessing on his hand, he predicted the fall of a well-known royal family in Russia, and also talked about many landmark events that later occurred in the life of King George and the famous writer Mark Twain. And for this he had only to see the hand of man!

It is hard not to believe in such amazing facts, especially since such cases, where talented palmists easily read human fates through their palms, are not so few. Specialists in this field believe that palmistry has the right to life and recognition, because it is not part of something mystical, guessing on the hand is based on many years of experience, observations and studies.

It's human nature to classify everything, we differentiate people according to gender, skin color, belonging to a particular culture and country, so it's surprising that someone is able to predict the nature and fate of a man by his lines on his hand?

Whatever it was, but guessing on the hand is not recognized by any respected scientific community, scientists believe that palmistry is nothing more than quackery, a trick or a performance.

The person who will take to study your lines of destiny and life will not characterize them,rather, possessing the good skills of a psychologist, he will analyze exactly you, your personality and, thus, guess what you want at the moment.

In fact, if Granny Gypsy looks in a bright scarf and promises to predict your fate by the hand for a couple of crisp bills, then you should give up this opportunity. Even if there are any specific characters that help predict the fate and characterize a person, it is unlikely that she will have this vague knowledge. Most likely, you just want to cheat.

And yet, what can you see by the hand?

Even if you firmly believe that the lines, bumps and folds with which our palms are littered can predict your future, do not take this too seriously.

Remember, anyone, more or less less experienced and serious palmist, even if he finds something deplorable or tragic in the lines of fate, always tells how it can be avoided.

It turns out that everything that is “written” on our palms is only possible options for development, each of which can be corrected and corrected, there would be a desire.If you are seriously concerned about your future and really want to find out what awaits you further, it's better not to run to the first fortunate fortune-teller, there you hardly know anything useful.

There are always talked about really gifted people, they do not advertise in newspapers or the Internet, they are usually found through relatives or acquaintances who have already experienced something similar.

Everyone has their own lines

Many people are engaged in fortune telling, purely from the desire to have fun, and that, interesting and unusual, and in the company you can always tell something original. But the truth is this or the fiction of someone's imagination, it remains only to guess. Palmistry, so to speak, “for dummies” begins with three main lines: heart, head, and life, which, in the opinion of the current, can tell a lot about a person.

For example, the brighter, sharper and longer the life line, the more active and energetic the person, but the line of the heart is able to tell about the character and temperament of a person, as well as his amorous adventures.

Many girls are interested in how these lines can predict marriage and the number of children: the number of lines located between the base of the little finger and the heart line indicates the number of marriages and children.

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