Picture "Money Tree"

Is it possible to make a nice souvenir with my own hands, the cost of which will not exceed only 18 rubles? Yes, if you want to make a picture of "Money Tree". The craft is not complicated and symbolic, from the category of gifts for those who have everything.
We will need the following materials: Sheet of thick cardboard, Cork backing sheet, Matte brown cardboard, painting or stationery knife, Scissors, Universal glue, Brush / cotton swab , Pencil, Line, Felt-tip pen, Coins of 1, 5, 10 and 50 kopecks. We cut the sheet of cardboard and cork substrate into Ie a rectangle so that the edges of the cardboard protruded slightly.
Now you can draw and glue the tree trunk. For work with universal glue it is convenient to use an old brush or a cotton swab. After gluing, they are simply thrown away.
Coins are great as the first layer 50 kopecks. It is advisable to use shiny coins. But you can rub with cleaning powder or soda those that no longer shine.
Picture“ Money tree »
We glue the coins with universal glue to the cork in the shape of a tree crown. The next layer is coins of 5 kopeks. They are not easy to find, you will need to wipe out all wallets and piggy banks.

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