Fashion Spring - Summer 2015

Fashion Spring - Summer 2015 Spring is coming and women of fashion are choosing new things for the stylish spring-summer 2015 season. Fashion shows prepared by designers for the spring-summer season will help in this. Let's look at fashion trends to make the image.

Candlestick Ideas

Candlestick Ideas Lovers of making beautiful things with their own hands, these ideas can come in handy. The first option can be used even in art classes with children of almost any age. The second is more time consuming, but the result is worth.

Unusual properties of ordinary glycerin. Some useful tips

Unusual properties of ordinary glycerin. Some useful tips Glycerin can be bought at almost any pharmacy. Unlike some types of household chemicals, this tool is safe for people and animals. Here are a few secrets, knowing that you want to go shopping soon. Means.

How to include spring trends in your everyday wardrobe

How to include spring trends in your everyday wardrobe Admit it, you also do it: share all your clothes in fashionable and casual. The first is worn on a special occasion, and the second is worn most of the time. This is a logical.

How to really give up sweet: 10 tips

How to really give up sweet: 10 tips Fragrant buns, cakes, sweets, rolls, they seem to be created so that we get an unforgettable pleasure. But, in fact, they only bring harm to our body. And the sooner you realize this, the better. How.

Goat from pomponch fur coat

Goat from a pompon of a fur coat Hello, dear readers, today I will tell you how to sew a good toy "Goat" for the New Year, which can be hung on a Christmas tree as an ornament. According to ancient oriental beliefs, toys.

Making the switch lights

Making the backlight switch Sometimes it's hard to find a switch in the dark. To make this work easier, I suggest you embed abacklight in it.We need three radio components and a little time.

Simple TV Antenna

Simple TV aerial This is a very simple and effective antenna for receiving digital and analog television. Suitable for use both at home and outdoors. The antenna is a "bi-square" (double square) - it's the most simple and popular design for repetition. To build.

Postcard for Dad

Postcard for Dad The most beloved and dear person after mom is dad. For many, dad is not just a parent, but he is also the closest friend with whom you can share the most secret, who will listen, give advice, and in a.

Massage Foot Mat

Foot massage mat Orthopedic doctors often diagnose flat feet for small children. Many people think that this diagnosis is made forever. In fact, the flat feet are treated with banal exercises of physical therapy, massage and wearing the right shoes. It is known that.

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