Felt Christmas Tree Toys

Felt Christmas Tree Toys We sew a Christmas tree decoration in the form of one of the symbols of the New Year -Fir-tree. Materials and tools: white and red felt filler (sintepon) scissors; red thread and needle; ribbon, twine. Step 1 We draw a.

Heirs - a new trend of the season

Heirs - a new trend of the season Surely, many of us have long been familiar with such a wardrobe accessory, like footprints. But if earlier they were used solely for convenience, trying to make them invisible, then today the fashion for them has.

Padded seat mat on stool

Soft seat mat on the stool Sometimes you can make practical and useful things that are completely useful for you in everyday life . For example, accumulated deposits of failed women's tights and tangles are not the most beautiful yarn, remnants of projects or.

Caramel Oranges Dessert

Caramel Oranges Dessert To prepare an original and natural delicacy, which is stored for a long time and has excellent taste, is not difficult at all. Take: 1 kg of medium-sized oranges, if possible thin-skinned, 400 g of brown sugar, 100 ml of water.

Green Rhapsody Necklace

Green Rhapsody Necklace For the appearance of a sunny spring mood, it is not necessary to wait for spring and the sun, you can create it yourself. At any time of the year, in order to change your internal sensations, you need to surround.

Old age: illness or norm

Old age: illness or norm? Modern diagnostic capabilities often make it possible to make an accurate diagnosis instead of uncertain nods on age. For example, the feeling of unbearable discomfort in the legs was no longer attributed to the lack of magnesium - it.

VSTerm heating boilers

Heating boilers from the company "VSTERM" When buying a house or building a cottage, you need to take care of a modern and reliable heating system. But what if there is no possibility to connect to the gas pipeline? Pellet boilers will come to.

Instant Soldering Iron

Instant Soldering Iron As a teenager, I had a soldering iron with instantaneous heating of Soviet production. In appearance, he looked like a gun. The soldering tip was made of thick copper wire. Its design was simple: a transformer with two windings — 220.

Orchid sprig workshop

Orchid sprigs workshop Flowers are made of plastic suede without the use of special tools. Products made from this material are durable and easy to use. And to make a twig, we need to prepare materials: - yellow plastic suede. - scissors. - wire.

How to wash your ears

How to wash your ears? Washing the ear canal is not a mandatory procedure for human hygiene. Most often, it is intended only for exceptional cases - in some forms of otitis or during the occurrence of sulfuric plug. In such cases, the ear.

What can embrace mean

what do hugs mean What can embrace mean It has long been the custom that hugs are an integral part in our life, they are just as necessary as food, water and oxygen. It can be said that hugs are also communication, only without.

Monogamy has returned

Monogamy has returned After this, analyze who was surprised and resented more, and you will understand that now the even monogamous union of a man and a woman without thrillers and dramatic ties is the very ideal relationship that slowly disappears from the horizon.

New Year Folding Card

New Year Folding Card Few days remain before the new year, and many have not even begun to prepare for it. As a rule, basically all people work and begin to prepare everything almost on December 31. Undoubtedly, employment and constant bustle is a.

What is micronidling

What is micronidling? It's no secret that over the years, our appearance has undergone changes, including the card of any woman - a person. In his youth, his oval is clear and smooth, due to elastic collagen filaments, but with the inevitable structural deformation.

What is bedding like

What is bedding like Today you can see the sale of a huge number of different types of bed linen in Moscow. It is made from a wide variety of materials, so it differs in its characteristics and is used in different cases. Some.

Bride Wedding Bottle

Bride Wedding Bottle Today, very often, newlyweds prefer to decorate the holiday table with decorated bottles. Let's try to make a bottle-bride together. For work we will need: - bottle of champagne - white oblique inlay meter 6-7 - white satin ribbon 5 cm.

Rose from the fabric

A rose from the fabric From the fabric, you can create very original flowers and even flower arrangements. These textile flowers serve as decoration for any surface: clothes, cards, caskets, curtains, hair ties, etc. In this workshop, you will learn how to create a.

Brooch Moth of Beads

Brooch Moth of Beads Embroidered with beads, beads and cantle, covered with various patterns of multicolored butterflies in the form of brooches or pins are now very popular. It is not difficult to create such an ornament with your own hands, especially if you.

Paper Candy Peonies

Paper Candy Peonies Peonies Peonies made of paper- we make beautiful flowers from corrugated paper with our own hands, this is a wonderful gift for a girl with a small and sweet surprise inside. Materials and tools: corrugated paper plastic sticks (for stem or.

How to make a nail

How to make a nail? The dream of every girl is well-groomed and beautiful nails, the correct form and a good manicure can turn women's hands into an elegant and sophisticated work of art. But, unfortunately, not every girl from nature is given good.

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