Kanzashi workshops

Kanzashi workshops The kanzashi technique that came from Japan is becoming more popular day by day. There are a lot of followers of this kind of needlework in Russia, which is not surprising. After all, the unique art, which for many centuries was popular.

Fitball for babies

Fitball for babies All mummies want their child to grow up the smartest, most beautiful and developed. For this, during pregnancy, they try to eat right, read books, include good music, do physical exercises. After birth, the question arises, how to increase the activity.

Valentine's Beaded

Valentine with beads On Valentine's Day, people in love present each other teddy bears or other soft toys, give candies, bouquets of flowers and decorations. Time goes on, but the values ​​remain the same, the present with their own hands occupies a leading position.

Three-story shelf

Three-story shelf A computer usually stands on a table near the wall. Together with the computer are usually used different things that you want to keep within easy reach. For such trifles, I propose to build a compact spacious three-story shelf, which is conveniently.

What is happiness

What is happiness? What is happiness? The main goal of every person on Earth, regardless of his age, gender, race and character, is to become happy. But what lies behind this concept of happiness? How to become happy, what will help and how to.

Data protection

Data protection Can you store your information? Technologies have made information accessible to everyone: for you, for me, and of course, for those bad guys who want to learn about new developments of your company, credit card numbers of your employees or something else.

Dogs in fiction

Dogs in fiction Dogs in fiction held a special place. Often, our ancestors endowed dogs and wild animals with human qualities, thoughts, feelings, actions. Therefore, in legends and fairy tales, animals speak and even discuss human actions. Dogs in fiction and the humanization of.

Green Dog Food

Green Dog Food Green dog food is used as additives to soups and porridges for lettuce, spinach, carrot and beet tops, radish tops, and parsley in their raw form, finely shredded. Young fresh nettles (dioecious and stinging), when fed, are ground and doused with.

Phyto LED lamp

Phyto LED lamp br Manufacturing a LED luminaire for plants To begin with, mark out the profile for drilling holes for mounting the LEDs. We drill 2 mm with a drill, first 2 holes for one LED, try to fasten it in place and.

Flower Topiary

Flower topiary Materials Required: 1. Plastic hemispheres. 2. Coffee beans. 3. Satin ribbons of pink, crimson and green colors. 4. Gold acrylic paint - spray. 5. Pink tulle. 6. Flower pot. 7. Steel wire. 8. Decorative items. 9. Sisal rope. 10. The glue gun.

Bow on bandage

Bow on bandage Today we will look at a rather useful and necessary master class, which will teach us to make beautiful bows for headbands and hairpins from completely unnecessary pieces of fabric. Tailoring any costume, dress or sundress, you will definitely have some.

Omiyag Making

Omiyag Production For the manufacture of omiyag - the Japanese national bag for sweets and other sweets - 3 types of fabrics are required as the main and 1 as the lining. As a rule, cotton or linen fabrics are used. For basic fabrics.

DIY paper mug

Handmade Paper Piggy Today we will make charming pink pigs from scrap materials. Long summer days are a wonderful time not only for outdoor games, but also for creativity. And in order to make creative work more useful, they can be carried out right.

Soapy Trouble

Soapy Trouble You can not find any cosmetic products on the shelves of our stores. And all of them, according to advertising, are very useful for our body. But, unfortunately, as often happens, advertising does not coincide with reality. And bought soap for moisturizing.

Felt gift box

Felt Gift Box You can make a beautiful gift box not only from paper, but also from felt. The craft is done very simply and quickly, and the result is a great functional thing. You will need to find 30-40 minutes of free time.

Money Flower

Money Flower Probably not all over the globe such a happy person who has never in his life encountered the problem of choosing a gift. Not a simple gift for a difficult person. A gift for that particular category of people who have already.

Bed Mattress

Bed Mattress When arranging a bedroom, it is very important to choose the right bed. On sale you can see a lot of different models, but a particularly wide range is offered to buyers in specialized online stores. Here you can buy a wooden.

Persian cat

Persian cat Persian cat Persian cat. The Persian cat is one of the oldest breeds of long-haired cats, bred in the territory of modern Iran. When compared with other breeds, the Persian cats are least suited for living outside the home. The Koshes of.

Spice Jars

Spice Jars If your spices are stored in open bags in which you bought them, then be prepared for the fact that the flavors will first mix and then evaporate. It is better to save any spices in opaque, tightly closed containers. In order.

DIY Sorter

DIY Sorter It is very easy to make a sorter with your own hands, but the benefits of this developmental simulator cannot be overestimated. For preschoolers who master the fundamental concepts of mathematics and logic, the ability to sort objects is of great importance.

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