His view: should a husband give a salary to his wife?

Family budget is often a stumbling block in the relationship between a man and a woman.

The difference in education and the idea of ​​how it should be, pushes newly minted couples into the abyss of quarrels and conflicts over money. For example, in his family, mom and dad worked on a par and all piled into a common money box, and her mom was a housewife. About how to properly distribute family income and avoid clarifying the relationship, tell our expert in the field of relationships.

Mila Levchuk is a popular blogger, expert and trainer on the issue of the relationship between a man and a woman. For many years she has been teaching women to leave the position of an unfortunate victim and shows the way to women's happiness.
Mila Levchuk

It is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE to demand from the husband to hand over cash to his wife on the day of his salary and, upon request, to give him gasoline and lunches! And that's why.

He is your husband, your protector and protector.

He is holding the steering wheel of your family's ship. Taking money from him, you become above the captain, and this means that he is only a sailor and in general will not be responsible for anything.You yourself become the captain, and he goes to the bottom with the ship, so that you know. Do not complain later that you have one drunken boatswain on the ship and no sense.

It is humiliating for men.

To earn money, to hand over to his wife, she will even think of searching his pockets, as in the precinct, and then moaning and explaining why he needs his own money and why it is just now that an oil change is necessary. For a man, this is the death of the ego; you broke his inner core on the knee.

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You play the role of mommy

Mothers, who make sure that a two-meter-long bastard does not spend on gadgets, do not cut it in the bar and at the same time that the finger in the nose does not break. The little gun will easily fall into childhood, you can be sure, and will give you all facets of absurdity in the inability to count money, spend it and be responsible for yourself and your family. Why should he? He is a son, he has a mother.

He works, and they will not give the fruits of their labor in their hands.

If you still give, and then ask, the sense to develop? Meaning rush higher? Show yourself? No! I'd rather pinch the top five between books, go to hockey, while she went to her mother. And here lies in your family flourishing.

Even if a man does not know how to manage money, let him learn.I walked around - let him answer, there is nothing to eat at home, the children look with hungry eyes, and don’t look at my wife, what does the wife have to do with it? He spent himself, and get out. And if you drink ... Ladies, are you still here? With things on the way out, preferably him.

But when a wife comes to her husband with a request for a manicure, massage and shoes, this is a very correct position. Because a man feels needed, a patron and breadwinner in the family, which has a remarkable effect on his financial success.

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