Overview of baby strollers for newborns in different price categories

A bit of history

The first analogue of the pram appeared in the 18th century in England, and looked like a small cart in which the baby could only sit. The idea of ​​transporting a newborn in a special device instantly gained popularity, the 20th century can be safely considered the birth of the stroller industry. More than 100 years have passed, but baby carriages for newborns are constantly being improved, taking into account new technical capabilities, materials, and inventions.

Characteristics of wheelchairs for newborns by types and prices

There are many types of wheelchairs, differing in design, functions, materials, prices, taking into account the material capabilities and taste preferences:

  • A budget option. By such, it is safe to include a transforming stroller,it is “two in one”: a pushchair and a pushchair, both a winter and a summer version.Of course, the main advantages of this model are the purchase of one stroller instead of two and folding (saving storage space). Minus model - bulkiness, the lack of a flat bottom. One of the options:
  • ADAMEX Neon (price 7 100 rubles.).The model is presented in several colors; it has: four wheels, a folding “book” mechanism, height adjustment of the handle, backrest tilt position (initially horizontal), seat belts, baby carrier with a removable cover and a hard bottom, a shopping basket;
  • ADAMEX Taxi (price 12 278 rubles.).This model, in addition to the standard characteristics described above, has 3 fixed positions of the backrest, five-point seat belts, and is equipped with accessories: a bag, a raincoat, a mosquito net, a sun visor, and a warmed blanket.
  • The classic option. Stroller - cradle - the ideal model for a newborn.This is a comfortable cradle with a frame on a standard chassis, with comfortable cushioning and large wheels. This stroller is designed for kids who can not yet sit. Pros: a comfortable cradle with high walls, reliably covering the newborn from irritants, the high position of the cradle protects from road dust.One of the options:
  • INGLESINA Vittoria (price 20 690 rub.).The model has a folding "book", adjustable back, six rubber wheels, swivel front wheels, fixation for them, a removable cover for washing, shopping bag, sun visor;
  • Peg-Perego Culla-auto (price30 000rub.). In addition to the characteristics of the previous model, on the chassis, besides the cradle, it is possible to install a car seat, the model has four inflatable wheels, which gives the wheelchair a soft ride and good traffic, additionally equipped with a mosquito net and sun visor.
  • Elite strollers. These are premium class strollers made using modern technologies from natural materials (leather, fabrics), often from leading designers. Advantages of such models: excellent quality, exclusivity, to the minus can be attributed to the high price. For example, one of the new products:
  • 4moms Origami stroller 2 in 1 robotic (price 68 900rub). It is used as a stroller, cradle, and walking. It's not just a stroller, it's a mini car for carrying a newborn, a real helper and a gift to parents. The stroller automatically folds in, comfortable, light, it has built-in: a generator (setting the stroller in motion), day and night lights, a pedometer, connectors for charging gadgets, a monitor for reflecting data.Literally translated as "four mothers", this is a real miracle of the 21st century!

From our review it is clear that the modern market annually presents new types and models of wheelchairs for newborns, designed to facilitate the work of parents, and make walks with the baby a comfortable and favorite pastime.

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