Original souvenir and excellent decor with the help of the simplest technology

Today photo albums can be found not often, because most of the photos we store on electronic media. But why not combine such a traditional decor as decorative plates and family photos? It's quite easy to make such. Therefore, you can make the whole composition, dedicating it to a particular topic. You can time this gift to some important family event.

A great way to preserve the happiest memories for a long time. The cheapest plates will do. A photo can be printed on a simple home printer.

To get started, print the photo you want. It can be colored or black and white. Important: Use only a laser printer. Photos printed on the inkjet will become unusable during bonding.

Now take a glass plate or saucer and attach it to the image.Circle the outline of the plate and cut a circle of the desired diameter from the photo.

This is what your image should look like. Make sure that the composition is symmetrically placed inside the circle.

Now you need to make the paper stuck evenly on the curved surface of the plate. To do this, you need to make several cuts in a circle. The author of the master class admitted that its cuts were too deep and could be made much less.

Smear the back of the plate with a thick layer of PVA glue. To do this, use a thick brush.

Put a photo on the plate with glue face down. Squeeze the paper and gently smooth out any irregularities.

Leave the plate to dry for an hour. After that, cover the paper with one more layer of glue. If you cover the plate with glue, which has not dried completely, the image will get a greenish tint. If you want to achieve this effect, let the glue dry for just a few minutes.

Since the image has shifted slightly, the edges of the plate can be painted with acrylic paint. The bottom can also be covered with it in order to protect the plate from moisture.

That's what happened in the end.If you do not want the plate to have a “frame”, simply cut out an image larger than the diameter of the plate. You can use any image instead of a photo, including clippings from magazines and even beautiful pieces of textiles. Make a composition to your liking.

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