Original knitted adornments: patterns, photos

Original knitted adornments: patterns, photosCollars


Small detachable collars, once attached to shirts, have become a fashion accessory. But in winter, you want to wear something warmer around your neck, and this is not a problem: a knitted thick collar is just as easy to put on as a regular replaceable one, fits well with any clothing without a collar, including blouses, and protects the throat as well as a scarf.


This collar is worn over the head, it is round, tight-fitting, so do not forget to add 2 to 4 cm to the stock.


Measure the neck circumference - on average in an adult it is about 35 to 43 cm, but this is always individual. You need to knit in a circle - you only need to make about 150 loops per circle (with the upper plank of the neck circumference). After the first three rows, lift the open loops and tie them with a rubber band; after you knit 5 cm, change the style to knit stocking style. The fold in this case will be natural.


The finished collar can be decorated with several large buttons - similar or contrasting yarn color, but their function will in any case be only decorative.unbuttoned this collar should not.


Original knitted adornments: patterns, photos


Original knitted adornments: patterns, photos


Knitted bracelet on a dense basis


For such a bracelet you will need: a solid wide base of wood, plastic or metal, cotton fabric of the same color as yarn (of any choice of your choice), two knitting needles, acrylic or viscose glue and yarn (or very fine yarn of wool - the thick one will quickly “push”, and the bracelet may lose the pattern).


Cut the cotton fabric into strips 2-3 cm wide and paste over the base. Try to glue so that it does not shine through the fabric. The presence of the fabric will allow a better fixing of the knitted part, will not allow it to be painted with an oxidizing metal, if your metal base, and also make the bracelet more voluminous. Pasting should occur as smoothly as possible, butt-to-butt joint.


Then tie the blank on the needles. The pattern itself can be any one of your choice. Usually, a pattern with a convex central part is knitted, but this is a matter of taste, a bracelet may be “solid”, without a pattern at all. This bracelet can be knit and crocheted.


Original knitted adornments: patterns, photos


After that, in several places (at least three), be sure to sew the knitted part to the fabric with a needle and thin threads of the same color, covering both the inner and outer side of the bracelet.


Knitting ornaments: herringbone


You can decorate with knitted products and interior. Small fluffy Christmas trees made of yarn will look pretty like an accessory on a coffee table or shelf shelves.


To knit such a small spruce, take fluffy yarn “grass” (mohair), decorations for the future tree in the form of beads, beads and sequins, an unnecessary pencil for the stem, a little clay and a glue cap for the Christmas tree “legs”.


This is a collapsible product. It is necessary to knit the branches of spruce, reducing knitting (a simple stocking, you should knit an ordinary square) with each block by 1 loop - starting, for example, with 21 loops, you should have at least 18 blocks becoming smaller and smaller in size.


Original knitted adornments: patterns, photos


To assemble it, put the clay in the "stand" of the cap, stick a pencil in there (try to fix it properly), and string all the blocks of branches, one on another, from above. They will lie under its own weight, no matter how small it is. Then decorate the Christmas tree with sequins, beads and beads. For example, you can make a small garland with a stapler from solid plastic, from flexible plastic, and if you want to decorate even such a small Christmas tree with lights, you can use small light bulbs from old computer parts.

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