Ointment at the beginning baldness

Take 100 g of homemade butter. Powder 50 g of dry burdock root, mix with butter. Ointment store in the refrigerator. However, before using, warm up half a teaspoon, add a quail egg yolk there and gently rub into the hair roots for half an hour. After rinse with plenty of warm water.
Take a tablespoon of dry burdock root, pour a glass of boiling water. Put on a slow fire. When the volume of liquid decreases by about half, strain. Put 50 g of lard into the water bath. When the fat is melted, mix with the decoction of burdock root. Add three drops of tangerine essential oil. Put in a cool place to thicken the ointment. Drain excess liquid that appears on the surface of the ointment. You can rub into the scalp. Cover your head with a towel, and after half an hour, wash your hair with a large amount of broth of birch leaf. Do this procedure once a week for a long time.
Take a tablespoon of brandy, onion juice, decoction of dry burdock root (a teaspoon of dry burdock root, pour a quarter cup of boiling water, let it brew for 10 minutes). Add a tablespoon of homemade butter.

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