Nickel (porcelain) wedding

That flew 12 years of family life. Many have lived and experienced together, but, most importantly, the spouses do not lose love for each other, cherish and value the relationship that they had tied together more than ten years ago. For this purpose, there is a date 12.5 (12) years - Nickel (porcelain) wedding.

This is the next, after the Zinc wedding, non-round anniversary in family life, so it was allowed to celebrate it a little earlier - on the twelfth anniversary. Such celebrations are intended to become an outlet specifically for the spouses, so you should not make a stormy celebration out of the Nickel wedding, celebrate it with your family and close friends.

On such a day, the spouse prepares meals loved by her husband, and gifts should also be suitable and close in meaning to the anniversary of 12.5 (12) years from the date of the celebration. You should give things that are suitable for everyday life: nickel dishes, kitchen sets, cutlery and everything that can be useful for the housework.

Spouses on this day remember the joyful moments of living together, visit places that are memorable for their relationship.It is especially important on this day to come to church where the wedding was held - people say that this will be the key to happiness and well-being in the family for the next 12 years.

The tradition of celebrating the Nickel wedding has its most interesting history, which dates back to the distant 19th century. Then nickel was considered precious metal, and to have dishes from nickel in the house was prestigious, almost the same as now have gold or silver objects in the kitchen set. It was said that if the nickelware shines and is whole, like a new one, then the family is friendly, and how many housewares donated to the Nickel wedding will stay in their house, so many spouses will live in peace and harmony.

At 12.5 (12) years - Nickel (porcelain) wedding - it is customary to invent various contests in poetic form in the style of "question-answer", to beat the dishes, from which before that drink champagne and sprinkle the spouses with nickel coins, as a symbol of wealth and harmony in family.

During the festive table, it was customary for the guests to sit down at the Nickel wedding, alternating between a man and a woman, it was thought that it would be easier to support the conversation and unmarried ladies who had attended such a celebration would find a life partner faster.The company can spend this day, not only sitting at the festive table, you can walk around, dear to the spouses, places and go to church, where the heroes of the occasion got married 12 years ago.

The gift on this day must necessarily be nickel. You can buy anything from a beautiful lighter to a variety of nickel jewelry. The main thing is that the thing is not cleaned - the spouses must do it themselves, guaranteeing themselves many more years of mutual care, love and support.

Now you know what celebration is celebrated for 12.5 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :). The next anniversary is.

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