New Year decor in the style of bokho-chic

Author: Alain

Boho chic style,appeared in the 70s-80s among the people, is now actively gaining momentum and is used not only for self-expression using clothes, but also for decoration.

The style of boho-chic synthesizes in itself a multitude of currents characteristic of different times: eclecticism, folk and so on. In this style one can also notice some notes of Gypsy culture. In order to properly embody boho in your interior, you must use natural materials. Mainly used for decoration flax, cotton, cambric. Lightness and romance in the decor can make lace ribbons.

The main feature of this style is also in complex color combinations. It presents contrasting combinations of pleasant colors for gaze, as well as the use of pastel shades to harmonize bright shades with each other. In the style of boho-chic acidic colors are not used, as the style to nature.

Boho-chic describes a multi-layered nature: the use of small and large parts, accent elements.For interior decoration often used vintage gizmos and dream catcher.

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