New trailer for George R. R. Martin novels released

As usual, it will not lead to anything good. And we are not spoilers, we can come to this conclusion from the very first seconds of the teaser that appeared on the Web. From the grief of the corpses in the first frames, one can immediately guess that this is George R. R. Martin's story. By the way, the writer himself describes the new series as Hitchcock's “Psycho”, only in space (screenwriter Jeff Buler adds: Scott's “Alien” haunted or “Shine” Kubrick in space - ornate, but surely you caught the idea!). By the way, George R. R. Martin is very supportive of the new project and even acted as an executive producer. The director was Mike Cahill (“I am the beginning”), and the main roles were performed by Philip Reese, Owen Macken and Miranda Rayson. The premiere of the series “Flying through the night”, which will consist of 10 episodes, is scheduled for autumn.

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