Natural moisturizing hair

Moisturized hair shines beautifully, does not break, does not split, they are soft when touched. Therefore, it is very important to constantly moisturize the hair. This is best done with masks.

Causes of dryness.

The factors leading to dryness can be many. These include unbalanced nutrition, polluted air, lack of rest, frequent change of hair color, and a lot of styling products. Dry warm air leads to dehydration. If the hair is naturally dry, regular use of the dryer will dry it out even more. Therefore, thermal effects need to be reduced. When you visit the sauna, cover your head with a towel or a hat, as there is dry air.

Moisturizing mask

Moisturizing hair mask is prepared using a mixture of two large spoons of jojoba oil with a teaspoon of soy. Heat the mixture in a water bath for two minutes. Moisten hair with heated composition from root to tip. Wrap your head with a warm towel, wait 20 minutes, then wash with a mild shampoo.

Honey mask.

Wash the head, towel dry. When the hair is slightly damp, apply honey over the entire length, lightly massage. Walk with a mask for 30 minutes. Wash off honey with warm water, then apply shampoo.

Mask for the ends of the hair.

Dry ends of curls spoil the beautiful look of hair, so they need to be moistened. To do this, chop half of the avocado pulp well, add fat mayonnaise to it (preferably homemade), mix everything well. The resulting gruel is spread over the entire length, with special care to finish the tips. Cover the head with polyethylene, wrap with a towel. After half an hour, rinse well with shampoo.

Sea buckthorn mask.

It consists of sea buckthorn oil and almond, a ratio of 1: 9. Blend hair, warm it. After an hour, rinse with a mild baby shampoo.

The effect of any moisturizing masks can be enhanced if you rinse the hair with chamomile decoction or lemon juice, diluted with water. A special lotion will return the curl silkiness and shine. You can prepare it if you mix a glass of boiled chilled water with a tablespoon of lemon juice and three drops of the essential oil of ylang-ylang.Apply this lotion after the mask and shampooing. Dry your hair without a hairdryer.

Masks with natural ingredients activate blood circulation of the scalp, strengthen hair, prevent hair loss. The best result will give the alternation of masks with different ingredients. You should not get too carried away with such procedures, in order to avoid addiction, it is enough to apply 2 times a week in courses.

Moisturizing home masks will help your hair to return softness, shine, silkiness, smoothness. However, if there is no improvement for a long time, you should contact a specialist. He will identify the cause and help get rid of it, or send it to other specialists, because the dryness of the ringlets can be the cause of various diseases.

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