Monogamy has returned

After this, analyze who was surprised and resented more, and you will understand that now the even monogamous union of a man and a woman without thrillers and dramatic ties is the very ideal relationship that slowly disappears from the horizon, towards which we do not cease to strive.

After the sex revolutions and the vigorous influx of erotic content of all stripes, the current generation of 30-year-olds has shaken up, opened all the chakras and, in Buddhist terms, would have to be reborn into a new successful society of individuals satisfied with their lives alone and meditating as they go. But it’s not so: in the era of the Internet, as before it, the banal and simple feeling that someone near and dear is nearby turned out to be sharper than one could even imagine.

We were promised that we would be a generation that has nothing to do with it, except for money, parties and ourselves, and we turned out to be sentimental than Charles Bukowski and fans of his novels!

Monogamy has returned

In the 21st century, monogamy was not just revived, but “passed through the installation” and rewrote itself — this time in the format of partnership and unity of two souls respecting each other.Our modern monogamy is much more prosaic than the very tales that modern 30-year-olds grew on: no one dies for anyone, does not rush into trouble, does not fly to the edge of the world and doesn’t cut monster’s heads. All just nice handful of couples, because to live is indeed much more comfortable. And comfort is actually the key word for today's youth, who is about to change into sizeless sweatshirts and socks with flip flops (and girls as well) in the summer.

Together, as they say, not just more fun, but also easier in the modern world. Together with this very partner, you divide your rent, drive a longboard around the park, download TV shows all the seasons, try new types of coffee brewing, learn your own complexes for a couple, and then run off somewhere downshift and rethink the whole world.

You probably have such friends in social networks: they first laid out colorful selfies with one partner (for example, a brunette), and then with a short space of a month or two began to publish the same touching photos, but with another (for example, blond). And still with a smile, with hearts, with a trendy geotag restaurant and funny signatures.And no one is crying, not throwing mud at the former, not looking for an excuse to hate everyone around and start preaching romping debauchery, but somehow settles everything organically correctly, as if they were asked not just to live life, but to clearly demonstrate how a partnership in personal relationship.

Again, it is much more convenient to engage in sex in monogamous relationships than in those that catch fire, like a fire at a gas station, sharply, quickly and risky. Our parents were in a hurry to make a choice and relied on cloudless perspectives and good upbringing, while today's 30-year-olds cling to those who exist with them in the same rhythm. For example, it also pretends to be a child, but it’s the same age as them. It is equally ridiculous to make a career, but just as quickly, he is ready to send everything to hell and break off to surf in Bali. He also dreams of doing nothing once and creating exclusively, but he is still learning how to save money from every paycheck. In psychological articles about love, this is called “looking in one direction,” and the Afisha magazine will certainly bring all this under some new subculture that has replaced the hipsters.

Monogamy has returned

For many, monogamy is still that comfort zone, although it does not look so traditional anymore. Some, for example, even in long-term relationships do not want to have children, or are not going to marry at all, and even show openly shared photos on Facebook. It turns out the same monogamy, but without lyrics, without rose-colored glasses with hearts, without oaths that no one will part you.

It seems that millennials have all chances to become a much happier generation than their parents, if only because with all their fashionable pathos in clothes, in love, they do not complicate everything so pedantically as on the way to fitting room

They live fast, try something new every day, look for ways to have fun to the fullest at any age, driven by money or just curiosity, launch their inner creative at full power and break stereotypes. And in practice, it turns out that monogamy for such a colorful and fascinating life is just the most comfortable state, like hot tea after a tiring but picturesque walk.

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