Microhomes for British homeless: I would have such a house

IKozie is a cozy, fully equipped, ergonomic house of 17.25 square meters, which was created to house the homeless. The houses were built on the layout of luxury yachts and first-class cabins airlines.

The project was created by The Homeless Foundation, known for its charity.

The idea of ​​iKozie, which costs 54 thousand dollars, is that micro-houses will be a step of moving people from hostels and other managed institutions to their own homes, where they can live on their own, taking responsibility for buying food, cleaning, washing, heating and rent payment.

A house is established on a shallow foundation and provides comfortable accommodation for one person.

On top of the steel frame there is a siding trim made of larch, the roof is covered with corrugated iron.

The bedroom of the microhouse consists of a small double bed, sandwiched between the wall and the closet.

Next to the bedroom is a bathroom with shower.

The living room includes a TV, a sofa, a shelf with books and a semicircular table. On the wall next to the sofa hangs a few paintings donated by local artists.

The kitchen has a stove, washing machine, refrigerator and several cupboards for storing kitchen utensils.

The only negative is a bit short bed. But, according to the designers, this is a forced compromise, without which other things simply would not fit.

In case of successful implementation, houses with the name iKozies will appear throughout the country.

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