Meryl Streep set a new record for the number of nominations for an Oscar

Meryl Streep breaks records, this time her own: the night before, she was nominated for an Oscar ... 21 times! This year, the actress can get a gold statuette for the starring role in the Steven Spielberg film “Secret Dossier”.

On the account of Meryl Streep there are already three "Oscars" and, if she wins another, she will equal the number of statuettes with the legend of Old Hollywood Katherine Hepburn. This year, the star of the films “Kramer vs. Kramer,” “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Mamma Mia!” Risked not being selected in the “Best Actress” category, but ended up bypassing Jessica Chastain (for the role of Molly Bloom in “Big Game”) and Judi Dench (for the role of Princess Victoria in the film “Victoria and Abdul”). To get into the list of nominees of the 90th Oscar film award ceremony is a great honor even for such film award veterans as Meryl Streep (with experience since 1979!).But for the classic "and the Oscar goes to ..." and the 4th statuette will have to fight.

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