Megan Markle is going to break the palace protocol again

Publication by Meghan and Harry❤ (@meghan_and_harry)Jan 21, 2018 at 11:20 PST

Accepting a lot of concessions from the royal family for granted, Mark does not consider it necessary to answer the same: she simply ignores most of the established rules and laws, because she considers them stupid and outdated. So, she came out on the first official photo call without tights, which is contrary to the royal dress code, and during one of the last official events gave an autograph to the little girl, which is also forbidden to members of the royal family. Perhaps Prince Harry could influence his future spouse, because she, Megan, listens to his opinion, but ... Apparently, he decided to take an observer position and let the bride defend her point of view herself. He supported Megan and in her intention to personally give a solemn speech at their wedding, which will be held on May 19.

By tradition (which is also enshrined in the royal rules),the solemn speech is usually made by men - the groom or father of the bride, but Megan is a girl too modern and advanced to give up the opportunity to someone else. Which, of course, cannot but upset the queen ... Sources report that Elizabeth II no longer conceals her displeasure and directly declares that Megan is behaving disrespectfully. Well, maybe the girl really feels like behind a stone wall with the support of Harry. But in the eyes of the British-sensitive, confrontation with the queen is unlikely to add points to her.

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