Master class for 2017 Rooster “Christmas tree toy chicken”

Do you want your New Year's gift to cause a storm of positive emotions and remember for a long time? Try to make it yourself! On the eve of the Year of the Rooster we offer a unique master class on making a Christmas tree toy, namely a charming chicken made from the most ordinary bulb. Moreover, it is not necessary to buy a new light bulb, you can use a burnt option. But everything is in order.
 Fir-tree toy chicken
1.Obzzhirivayem light bulb with a liquid for removing nail polish. This is necessary in order for the glass to "mate" with the paint. Let the light bulb dry.
Christmas tree toy chicken
 Christmas tree toy
2.We paint the glass part of the bulb with white acrylic paint in two layers.Sushim.
 Christmas tree toy chicken
3. Take the yellow paint and create the background for our chicken. It is desirable to put the color in two layers. jpg "alt =" Christmas tree chicken "title =" Christmas tree chicken toy ">
4. Draw a small pencil with eyes, beak, brow, then draw with a thin brush.
 Christmas tree toy
5. Holding the light bulb at the base, we cover it with lacquer.
 Christmas tree toy
6. After the varnish dries out, we make a Santa hat from plasticine. In the center of the cap we insert a loop, for which it will be possible to hang the chicken on the Christmas tree. Additionally, we fasten the loop with glue.
Fir-tree toy chicken
7.To make the paint smoothly on the clay, use a small brush to cover the cap with flour.
 Christmas tree toy
8. Paint the headgear in red and white. Christmas tree chicken 9.Cover the cap with lacquer.  Fir-tree toy chicken Fir-tree toy is ready! Feel free to hang it on a green beauty or present it to someone from close people, putting it in a beautiful package. The symbol of the year - the fiery Rooster will certainly appreciate your efforts and become a good patron for all 12 months!

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