Making a beautiful bedspread

The cover on the couch or on the bed is a very important element of your home decor, it is, as well as possible, able to decorate your home, bring warmth and comfort, as well as hide everything under it from prying eyes.

If your bed is decorated with a beautiful and chic veil, then it automatically attracts most of the attention, transforming your room to the best and unrecognizable heights. Of course, it is important to ensure that the coverlet is ideally combined in style and design with your room, the relevant colors and combinations of textures play a very important role in the design.

Simple and practical

A huge range of blankets, blankets and capes, which are presented in modern stores, of course, is able to surprise even the most selective buyer. But, whatever one may say, the coverlet, lovingly sewn with your own hands, cannot be compared with any shop product, because you put all your soul into its creation.

It may seem to someone that it is serious and difficult to sew a blanket with their own hands, which, ideally, only an experienced professional can handle.In fact, it all depends on the complexity of the chosen product, as well as your personal desire and talent.

Of course, if, for example, to start to start sewing a quilted bedspread with lush ruffles of expensive satin fabrics, then your undertaking is unlikely to succeed, because this option is really difficult, and later we will explain why.

If, for example, try your hand at sewing a small cape on a sofa made of tapestry fabric, then most likely you will be satisfied with the result of the work done, after which you will try your hand at something more complicated.

Many novice hostesses try their hand at sewing small, children's, blankets, because here and with a pattern it is easier to cope and, in case of failure, much less material is translated. Before embarking on tailoring, you need to determine the specific style of your future veil, because it, in the first place, should harmoniously fit into the interior.

Which cover to choose?

  • If you are a lover of classics and volume, then a quilted blanket is the best option of "dressing" for your bed. A stitch gives it a shape, if you decide to use a fabric with a pattern, then it is also able to emphasize certain details, to highlight the motifs that seem to you the most important.For example, we select stitch flowers and leaves, if you choose a flower matter, or certain patterns, elements, shapes, if the pattern of the fabric is abstract or geometric. To create such covers, it is best to choose dense, non-slip fabrics, as they are much easier to quilt smoothly and carefully.
  • The variant with a border or a contrast edging is also a very interesting and bright idea, which is especially appropriate for beds with high legs. The rim very concisely completes the image of your bed, hiding from extra eyes, folded things under the bed or not the cutest legs of the bed. In addition, bedspreads with ruffles very skillfully fit into any decor and make it livelier.

What you need to create a fashionable bedspread?

First of all it is, of course, material. If your room has a rural or rustic style, you can try to create a patchwork-style bedspread, which is made on the basis of patchwork sewing techniques.

The main multi-colored shreds

What is remarkable, this technique is very much in vogue lately, besides, you do not have to spend money on expensive fabrics, because such a blanket can be made from all that uneconomic housewives throw away, that is, from trimmings and small patches.

If you are a fickle person and love change, then try sewing a double-sided blanket: the technique is the same as in the one-sided version, and at the output - double pleasure!

Lovers of palace and romantic styles should better turn their attention to fabrics of rich colors, framing them with rich ruffles and tassels, you will give your curtain a truly royal charm. Light oriental silk fabrics, Persian drawings and colorful tapestries will transform your room into an oriental tent, but the cheerful summer and spring colors of light, linen or cotton fabrics will remind you of country-style country.

Important tools for tailoring a good blanket are: a sewing machine, a set of needles, threads in tone, and a padding fabric — a synthetic winterizer or a batting (if needed). Also, do not forget to get a measuring tool and fabric for the lining (in the case of a patchwork cover).


First of all, it is necessary to calculate the size of your future bedspread, which is directly dependent on the dimensions of the bed or sofa. To create a competent pattern, you need to measure the length and width of your bed, if the cover is decorated with a frill, then the height.

Of course, to sew a frill correctly, you have to work hard, but with such an element, your creation will get a finished and decorative look.

Remember, to the measurements you received, it is better to add a few more centimeters, at least 5 on each side, because if you decide to sew a quilted blanket, the upper fabric will lose in size in all directions.

The fact is that when you quilt your bedspread, there will always be a fabric error, which “sits down” when sewing stitches and stitches.

The same applies to the bottom lining and insulation, which also need to add a couple of centimeters. Excess fabric can always be cut, but with a defect, it's much harder to fight. In order to quilts the blanket, it is necessary to carefully draw the pattern of geometric shapes: they will be better, this will not make the cover worse, but it will be much easier to flash it.

It is best to cut one stencil out of paper - a rum or square, which will be used as a template. It is necessary to do all the markings manually, throwing the necessary geometric pattern with light threads - this way it will be easier to sew with a machine, and the lining with insulation will already “sit” in the required place.When all basting is ready, it will remain to stitch a blanket on it and to process edges.

The room immediately changed

The easiest way is to tuck all the ends inwards with a secret seam and sew up the coverlet tightly, but in this case, you will be left without a beautiful frill. To make a frill, you need to leave for it a fabric exactly twice as long as the blanket itself, so you get beautiful, wavy folds on it.

When the frill is cut, you can lightly assemble it with ordinary threads and then start sewing to the bedspread: if the frill consists of several strips of fabric, then the connecting seams should be hidden inside the fold, so it will not be seen that it is sewn from different pieces.

The width of the frill can vary depending on your taste preferences, the main thing is that it does not fall completely on the floor, since such a bedspread visually reduces the height of the bed. It is better that she, at least a couple of centimeters, was above the floor level.

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