Makeup tricks

With the help of pink blush you can refresh your face and make your eyes more expressive. Apply blush in a semicircle, starting the line under the eyebrows and going down to the cheekbones.
Transparent lip gloss can replace highlighter. Light shine visually raises eyebrows and will make eyes brighter. Apply it to the eyebrow and shade.
While the mascara has not dried, apply bronze powder on the cilia. A slight flicker will give your eyes more brightness and confidence. Powder must be applied once, on the second layer it will crumble and spoil everything.
If you use a calm color lipstick every day, you can slightly enhance the color by experimenting. To do this, mix on paper a few shades of their lipstick, if you like the color, apply it on the lips.
Cherry red gloss on the cheekbones will give the face the effect of a natural blush.
To get rid of the circles under the eyes do not necessarily use the corrector. Apply brown shadows along the contour of the lower lashes and the circles will disappear.

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