Makeup for brides

Wedding makeup should not be trendy. Red eye shadow, silver lipstick and false eyelashes unnatural sizes leave to another case. On the wedding day the ball will rule the classics. Fresh skin with a gentle blush, bright lips and big mysterious eyes - this is a win-win image that will appeal to you, and the groom, and numerous guests.

Color selection

For wedding makeup, choose natural shades. Your face should look equally impressive in daylight and artificial light. Eliminate too light tones for the lips and eyes - they will give you a tired look. The unnecessarily dark shades that add even the youngest bride's years will not work either. The best option - cosmetics, enhancing your natural colors.
Be careful with glittering textures - in daylight they will look too rough, and the photo will give unwanted highlights. Instead of highlighting and glossy shine, use products with a soft satin texture, creating the effect of skin, glowing with health.Extinguish the shine with a loose powder-veil and a big fluffy brush.
Note that the flash will enhance the pink skin tone. Hide it with a yellowish foundation or base. Leave the pink color to the lips - brides are perfect shades of plum, strawberry or raspberry. Blush soak in the same range - makeup will look especially fashionable.

Wedding Makeup Features

Moisturize the face well before applying the tone. Makeup, applied to dry skin, mercilessly emphasize all its irregularities. Shelled skin before toning can be treated with a light exfoliant.
To prevent sudden tears from spoiling makeup, use waterproof products. Indelible shadows, eyeliner and mascara provide a fresh look for the whole day. To make the eyelashes look particularly impressive, curl them before coloring.
Discard clear contours. Apply the eyeliner lightly with an applicator, apply lipstick with your finger pads. This makeup looks more modern and perfectly emphasizes the gentle charm of the bride.
Take along a roomy cosmetic bag with loose powder, a big fluffy brush, lipstick, eyeliner and matting napkins. During the day, makeup will have to be corrected - you must be fully armed.

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