List of the most successful souvenirs

Vacation is one of the most anticipated and enjoyable moments. For someone, it must necessarily be filled with active moments, for someone on the contrary - lazy rest on the beach with your favorite cocktail and magazine. But in any case, the goal of the vacation is to give body and soul a rest, gaining strength and receiving a charge of new, pleasant emotions. But in this maelstrom of events there is always a place for walks through souvenir shops, local markets and layouts of merchants who vied to offer something special.

However, sometimes, returning home, it turns out that, yielding to the persuasions of skillful sellers, in your suitcase there was a huge number of trinkets that do not carry any value or even interest. What to choose for yourself, friends and relatives, so that the souvenir really becomes memorable?

Decided to rest? Do not forget about the gift!

Are you considering whether magnets will be a suitable souvenir? Or are you worried that the mother-in-law (or mother-in-law) will misunderstand the gift mask of an Indian deity? Here is a list of the most useful gifts.

  • Products for which the region is famous.Turkish leather goods, Georgian wine, French perfume. Products that the people of the country to which you are going to rest are proud of will certainly be of high quality. But the price may bite. But such gifts are universal and will suit both your loved one and colleague.

The only caveat is that before you buy delicacies or items of national fishing, learn about the norms of their export across the border, so that valuable gifts do not have to be left on the floor of the road.

  • Clothes and accessories. This is one of the most expensive options, but at the same time, very practical. If you know the tastes of the person you are going to give the thing to, you can be sure that it will definitely take its rightful place in the owner’s wardrobe. Ties, bow ties, cufflinks for the male half, hats, scarves, wallets - for the female. Boutiques of famous designers are open all over the world, so there will be no problems with the search. But if everything is traditional with Europe, then it is better to bring something more original from Asia, for example, a fan, an umbrella or cosmetics that are gaining popularity. Such souvenirs will always be useful.But it is worth considering that for such purchases your wallet should be replete with bank notes.
  • Duty Free to help. This is one of the most successful ideas. No need to go all over the markets and shops, carrying heavy suitcases. Looking into the Duty Free, you can always buy perfumes, cosmetics or alcoholic beverages at reasonable prices. If you and your friend are not worried about the lack of a moment of surprise, then you can easily clarify what specific items from the duty-free shop he would like to receive.
  • Small souvenirs. This is the simplest and most affordable that everyone can bring from vacation. Sweets, figurines, aroma candles, cups and, of course, magnets. They do not take up much space, and there will be enough of them for everyone who wants to bring a piece of an overseas country.
  • Individual gifts. If the circle of loved ones to whom you are going to bring a gift is limited to one or two people, then there is already room for imagination. Good purchases will be things that are of value to a particular person: animal figurines for a collector, real Chinese wands for a sushi lover, or real Dutch varieties of tulips for a dedicated gardener.

But in the process of choosing souvenirs, do not forget the main thing - when choosing gifts, you should have fun, and then each purchased item will become interesting and special for the person for whom it is intended.

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