List of the most effective diets for men

Do you think the struggle with excess weight is the prerogative of women only? And no. According to statistics, every third inhabitant of the Earth faces such a problem, and among this number there are a large number of men. The reasons for this may be different, but one conclusion - you need to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. What diets for men are the most effective, we will tell further.

Down with the beer tummy!

Many men believe that a beer belly that has appeared over the years of family life or a few dozen extra pounds from homemade, delicious food is a sign of family well-being and male maturity. But most women categorically disagree.

And if you notice that you’ve started to renew your nobleman’s wardrobe more often than before, because things have become small - this is a sign that it’s time to take the situation into your own hands. Although men are distinguished by special willpower, they rarely can deny themselves the pleasure of eating tasty food.

Only few people from the stronger sex will agree to adhere to strict diets, and not because it is difficult, but because it is not a male thing. And if you want the situation to move from a dead center, you need to abandon the traditional weight loss systems, and start a gradual fight with extra pounds.

The main rule is to stick to the variety of products and dishes, otherwise your lover will soon start having gastronomic boredom, and he will secretly look for something more edible from you than what you offer. In addition, if women can safely eat the foods allowed by the diet, while the rest of the family enjoys roasted ribs, then the stronger sex in this situation will very soon begin to feel deprived.

Here is a list of the best options that your man will like:

"Traffic light".The essence of this diet is in the conditional division of products into three colors:

  • “Red” includes prohibited foods - fast food, yeast pastries, sugar, milk, alcohol, confectionery, sauces and mayonnaise, fatty meats, smoked meats;
  • “Yellow” - wholegrain macaroni, cereals (all but decoys), pastry from puff pastry, low-fat cottage cheese, fruits and dried fruits, coffee, dry wine, lean meat.All these products can be consumed, but the extreme point is 18.00;
  • "Green" - low-fat kefir, yoghurt, buckwheat, seafood, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots can be consumed at any time.

Such a balanced and varied diet will help make the process of losing weight less problematic and psychologically painless. The proposed products can be heat treated - boil, simmer or bake, but not to fry.

With the help of "Traffic Light" you can lose up to 5 kg per month, almost without noticing the restrictions in food.

ABS.It is based on 11 products. In the daily diet must be present two, and they are constantly changing. This list includes: nuts (any kind, but not salted), legumes, greens and vegetables green (can be supplemented with red and orange vegetables), dairy products with low fat content, poultry, porridge (oatmeal, corn, buckwheat ), eggs, whole-grain bread, first-pressed olive oil, unsweetened fruit and berries, protein powder.

The latter can be purchased at sports nutrition stores, but if your man is not too fond of regular physical training, then it can be easily replaced with foods rich in protein.

Vegetable. Of all the diets presented, this is the most stringent.There is no meat or dairy products, but a lot of vegetables and fruits. The amount is not too limited, but you should follow some rules of nutrition:

1 day: vegetable. The third part of the consumed vegetables should be raw, the rest can be cooked. But they need to be in pure form, without any refueling and adding salt.

Day 2: unsweetened fruit - green apples, oranges, grapefruits, kiwi.

Day 3: Berries of the same variety.

Day 4: 1.5 lean yogurt and 200 grams of curd divided into several meals.

5 day: we repeat the first.

Day 6: berries and a glass of yogurt.

7 day: juice from fresh vegetables and fruits.

Do not forget about the sufficient amount of liquid.

As you can see, the most optimal option to do your men's dietary adjustment is gradualness. This will help to form a habit, and will soon see the results. And if you join this process, then the need to lose weight will not be stressful for a man.

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