List of interesting films about royal families

The royal families often trailed intrigues, there were a variety of bright events, and therefore films are often made about the life of kings. Some pictures are really very interesting and deserve the attention of viewers.

Top of the most interesting films about the royal family and its individual members:

  1. The Duchess. Georgina always had a difficult and controversial disposition and was immediate and strong. She knew how to flirt and charm, she loved to play and break all the rules. The mother gave the girl to marry the Duke of Devonshire County. This marriage gave Georgina fame, wealth, recognition and luxury, but not the real feelings that she was waiting for. Can the duchess learn to live without love and fulfill her duty? Absolutely, she is recognized as a trendsetter, but this rebel will want to defy the society that she literally adores. What will come of this - spectators have to learn.
  2. "Marie Antoinette". The film is based on real events and tells the story of the legendary Marie Antoinette, who was the wife of Louis XVI. Her fate was brilliant, bright and at the same time tragic. Childhood heroine spent in the royal Austrian family. The carefree years ended at the age of 15, when the girl was given for the heir to the French king. At 19, Marie Antoinette ascended the throne and began her luxurious and stormy life, full of entertainment and royal chic. The life of the queen ended abruptly and suddenly, and some believe that it was the price paid for the hate of the ruler towards the common people. But the creators of the picture saw and uncovered other, previously unknown qualities, looking at this legendary woman from another side.
  3. "Another of Boleyn's kind". The film takes the audience to the magnificent England, which at that time was ruled by Henry VIII. The creators of the picture managed to achieve the atmosphere of the epoch with its fascinating landscapes, stunning costumes, magnificent palaces. Sisters Maria and Anne Boleyn - two close people who are obsessed with the desire for power and the ambitions of their own kind, begin to fight with each other.They fight for the king's heart. And although the ruler shares the bed with two at once, it is destined to become the queen alone. But will her reign be successful and long?
  4. "Golden age".In the distant XVI century king Philip dominated the world - the ruler of Catholic Spain. He was able to conquer many countries, but did not conquer England, led by Queen Elizabeth, who was Protestant. In the country there was a difficult situation: one part of the inhabitants celebrated Maria Stewart and considered Elizabeth illegitimate and undeservedly occupying the throne, the other idolized the queen. The king of Spain decides to take advantage of a split society and begins to prepare a conspiracy. A huge armada consisting of numerous ships is sent to the English shores. Can Elizabeth repel the attack, retain the title and win universal respect?
  5. "The king says!". Listing the most famous films about kings, it is worth telling about it. In the center of the plot is the duke, who is to take the throne and get the title of King of England George VI. His brother abdicated the throne, so the hero is obliged to take on such a heavy burden and great responsibility.The situation is aggravated by the fact that he suffers from a nervous stutter, which makes it difficult to pronounce important speeches and convince his subjects that they are right. But the country needs a bold and inspiring ruler. The king falls into despair and begins to doubt that he can control the whole of England. Finally, he decides to seek help from speech therapist Lionel Log. And this man must create a real miracle, changing not only the speech of the king, but himself.
  6. The Royal Novel. Events unfolding in Denmark in the 70s of the XVIII century. The king of the state, Christian VII, suffers from a mental disorder and spends time not with the young and attractive Queen Caroline Matilda, but in Copenhagen brothels and brothels, which disturbs and angers the Queen. Among the subjects of the royal family, a young but active and quick-witted doctor, Johann Friedrich Struenze, appears, who has a positive effect on the state of the king. For this, he receives high office, rewards and confidence of the rulers. Johann gets very close to Caroline Matilda. It seems everyone is happy, but the queen mother is completely unhappy with this state of affairs, and she begins to make active attempts to change the situation.
  7. "Goodbye my queen!". This is a screen version of the work of Chantal Tom, based on the memoirs of the reader, located at the court of Marie-Antoinette. At the end of the 18th century, the Bastille was taken, and the new government established the National Guard. Versailles still defended the royal luxury, but was on the threshold of a storm. After the revolution, the palace halls began to empty, and the courtiers fled and left their queen. Spectators will be able to see not only the period of history described by one person, but also learn Marie-Antoinette from the other side: she appears strong-willed and strong, betrayed to her country.
  8. "Henry of Navarre". The painting reveals the secrets of France from the distant Middle Ages with its intrigues, the greatest rulers, luxurious women, religious and political strife. Heinrich's mother dies, and he becomes king of Navarre. Some time later, he was married to Marguerite Valois, who will become famous throughout the world as Queen Margot. This is a marriage of convenience that should end conflicts between the Protestant church and the Catholic one. The celebration lasted for several days, but suddenly ended with a massacre of representatives of the Protestant party (the event was later calledVarfolomeevskaya night). The king is saved by turning to the Catholic faith and practically becoming a prisoner at court. Four years later, he escapes to the south and returns to Protestantism.
  9. "Elizabeth". In the middle of the sixteenth century, the daughter of Henry VIII Maria, who was a queen and a Catholic believer, died. The throne is occupied by Elizabeth, born of Anne Boleyn by Heinrich. The girl has to forget about the carefree pore and the sweetness of freedom for the welfare of her country, which is threatened by the Pope himself, the Spanish and French rulers. The young queen has to make difficult decisions, and she uses her brilliant mind for the good of England. The girl goes to extreme measures, and it is thanks to the resilience and strong-willed nature of Elizabeth went down in history as a talented ruler and legendary woman.
  10. "Young Victoria". This film is also worth seeing, and it tells about the daughter of the Duke of Kent Victoria. When he died, the girl was only eleven years old. Even then, she realized that she would become a queen, and began to successfully win recognition, respect and national love. She remained on the throne for more than 60 years, and this is truly a record term.But youth was the happiest time, because then Victoria had sincere feelings.

These were the most interesting films about royal families.

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