Layfkhaki wardrobe for travel and living in the city

Summer is the time to travel, but those who stay in the city will not be bored. Right now begins the season of lectures on open verandas, festivals, fairs and master classes. What you need to do to stay stylish, while feeling comfortable: in the city, and traveling? Here are some tips from Anna Sharlai, a professional in transforming a person through his image and style.

Layfkhaki wardrobe for travel and living in the city

Unleash creativity and creativity

A long-awaited vacation or just a trip for a couple of days ... Many have a choice: take more things, predict possible situations and drag a heavy suitcase with you or travel light, but look monotonous every day.

No need to seek a compromise in solving this problem. Try to create, turn on the fantasy when planning an image for a trip or event in the city. After all, it is often the re-arrangement of clothes that leads to a new understanding of their style, way of life in general, and their possibilities for development.

In each situation, look for your “limiter”

I recently had a trip: you first had to fly to Milan for a shopping with a client, attend a social event there, return to Moscow and immediately hold a master class. For all these situations, it was necessary to create a wardrobe that would always be comfortable; it was necessary to look beautiful and feel comfortable.

Layfkhaki wardrobe for travel and living in the city

Insoluble task?

It turns out that everything is simple. When planning a wardrobe for such trips or events, it is important to find the biggest “limiter”. It does not have to be clothes. This is the key thing you need to focus on and that limits us most. In my case, it was a bag: I had to be mobile and cheerful (and with a suitcase it is not so easy).

Therefore, all the images for this trip were built around this thing from the wardrobe.

Bag - an indicator of the relationship to our emotional experience

Layfkhaki wardrobe for travel and living in the city

For women, a bag is a very intimate subject. And all because on the psychological level, it is the bag that reflects our emotional experience. This is the experience of relationships with the mother, with colleagues, with children, with her husband, with his business or hobby. And we choose our bag, unconsciously associating it with this experience and experiences, and not at all on the basis of style or image.

Think you probably have a friend who can dress in different ways, and the bag is the same in any situation.

To realize and understand your “bag feeling” is an important step in making up your wardrobe as a whole, and also when making up your baggage too. Why is this so important?

When other people (and ourselves) perceive our image, the more uncoordinated details, things, the greater the cost of processing and perception of this image. And this affects their attitude towards us. That is, when you force others to spend a lot of energy on the awareness of your image, you lose their disposition, trust and understanding. Therefore, a holistic image is first and foremost an act of respect for oneself and others. And the bag for creating this image plays the first violin.

You can calculate your image based on the distance to others

When drawing up the image and planning your trip or trip, you can consider the distance to others. For example, if you are speaking to a large audience, the image should be expressive. Minimum of small details, maximum of spots. A vivid example in this case is the ballerina with bright makeup. This image from distant rows is perceived as harmonious and correct.

If you work as a coach, you will have close communication at a short distance, then the image should be less catchy, laconic, with individual details.

Another important point. If you come up with a complex topic (a report, for example, or a seminar), you need to look as simple as possible. This will allow the audience to not be distracted and understand the material.

And vice versa: if the task is just to attract attention, then it can be done at the expense of details in the image. You will interest listeners, will cause trust to yourself, and then to the very topic of conversation.

Layfkhaki wardrobe for travel and living in the city

Choose your main principle of combining things

There are several such principles.

  • The combination of color. Suitable for emotional people, for those who are interested in color history. This principle can be chosen by people who have a bright appearance (eye color, hair). In short, where there is color and contrast, the principle of combining clothes in color is a very expressive means.
  • The combination of textures. Ideal for those who have pronounced features of appearance. It can be a complex face shape, wrinkles ... Also this principle is suitable for people who are in short distance in work and life.What does texture combination mean? This is when you have a thin light blouse and jeans, a rough jacket - light trousers, a combination of matte and sparkles. At the psychological level, this principle should be followed by those who work with material things (florists, artists, builders, tailors, designers).
  • The combination of the lines. This line cut, and patterns, ornaments. Suitable for those people who in appearance have characteristic features (for example, a nose with a hump). When choosing this principle, it is important that the internal lines are in harmony with your face. With the help of this principle, you can demonstrate your character: strong-willed, swift, decisive - the lines are straight and angular; softer, more flexible character - smooth, watercolor lines, patterns, flowers, motifs.
  • The combination of things on the silhouette. For travel and travel, this principle is the most difficult, since it contradicts convenience. But it is well suited to those who consider their figure perfect. At the psychological level, the choice of this principle indicates that a person is close to his corporeal world, slightly inclined to laziness. In this case, changing the silhouette of things, such as a hat, belt, heels, will help this person to do something atypical for him.

To properly collect things for travel or to dress properly for an event, we need three knowledge groups.

  • Information about the things themselves. How do they behave? Are they crumpled, get dirty quickly, cool you or heat you up? Study your things in this plan in advance. After all, if we know that a thing does not crumple, then we can roll it up tightly, if it is crumpled up, then we can solve the problem with the iron, and if we wrinkle a little, then we can take a craft envelope and put it there (even less).
  • Know your features and take them into account. How much do you feel cold, sweat, get tired, get dirty? If you know that you often pour coffee, it is important to put napkins in the bag. If prone to colds - a small first aid kit. Try to study yourself and provide for such situations. With improvised means you will feel much more comfortable and calmer.
  • Know where we are going in terms of context. What kind of country or place are you going or going? What kind of people will be there and what is their characteristic? Even if you just go to a social dinner, but your company will be dressed informally, then in their surroundings you will feel uncomfortable in an evening dress. Conversely, if your companions love to dress up even for a regular dinner, the dress will be the way.

Layfkhaki wardrobe for travel and living in the city

Remember, now “polished” style is irrelevant

The modern trend tells us that the ideal "licked" style is no longer fashionable. Therefore, do not aspire to buy shoes and a bag of the same color, but rather give free rein to imagination and creativity, experiment. After all, it is experiments, creative approach to problems and tasks that helps us to perceive ourselves in a new way in conditions of abundance.

Sometimes you need to give yourself time to think when buying things.

Think carefully before buying a new thing. Walk around the store, take a long look at the mirror, “feel” it and understand how you feel about it. Fortunately, now many stores give two weeks to return a purchased item for any reason. Use this time to see if you need it. It often happens that the shop does not like the thing, but after a while it becomes a favorite.

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