Leighton Mister: �Before� Gossip Girl �I dressed like a bum�

Star of the series "Gossip Girl" Leighton Mister admitted that before filming the show did not know how to dress.
Leighton Meester got used to dress up as the best designer and is not going to abandon it after the closure of the series "Gossip Girl"
Leighton Mister is used to dress up as the best designers and is not going to abandon it after the closing of the series Gossip Girl.
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In an interview with Leighton Meester (Leighton Meester), she admitted that she had little to do with her character from the Gossip Girl series Blair Waldorf. According to the actress, she absolutely did not know how to dress and did not attach much importance to this. �Before I was invited to act in a show, I dressed like a bum. I usually bought everything at garage sales. It was hard for me to give up! �Oh, this crazy sweater is just amazing and costs only 25 cents,� I told myself and bought everything in my path, �Leighton Meister told reporters.

After five years of existence of the series �Gossip Girl� by the channel CW, it was decided to close it. The last sixth season starts in the fall of 2012 and will consist of 11 episodes.Although Leighton Meester is no longer destined to play Blair, she is not going to give up her wardrobe inspired by her. �I learned a lot from Blair. Now my usual things are side by side with the best creations of designers. And I'm not going to give it up, �Leyton said in an interview.

Meanwhile, at the dawn of the popularity of �Gossip Girl,� the actress was worried about the fact that her heroine�s outfits may seem overly frank. Leighton said then: �It�s really good to look much better than to wear boring clothes all the time, but I know that my walk in a ball gown cannot but attract additional attention. People often point a finger at me, asking each other: what kind of a lunatic? I try to simply ignore it. �

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