Are Leggings New Pants for Summer?

Perhaps the main trend in 2016 is the complete absence of fashionable trends in the form in which we are accustomed to seeing them, and, as a consequence, the disappearance of the "dictatorial regime" in a fashion that most clearly expressed journalistic statements on what can be worn and the fact that you can not wear. What was previously considered "fu-fu" and complete bad taste, today has become just a field for experiments. You like pink with red - wear it, love gold in combination with silver - it is excellent, it is convenient for you in a dress over trousers - well, it's nice.

Approximately the same thing happened with leggins: a few years ago, fashion magazines insisted that leggings could be worn either in the gym or as pantyhose, and today this piece of clothing has finally been elevated to the rank of a daily independent thing that can be worn anywhere. And in response to the question whether leggings are trousers, you can give the definitions of the word "pants" from the English dictionary Merriam-Webster or Russian-language Wikipedia - in both cases they mean "a piece of outerwear covering each leg separately and in the classic version coming from the waist to the ankles.It turns out that, by definition, leggings are quite pants, although words on paper are not the only reason to believe this right now and start wearing leggings more often.

Reason number 1: once having found a comfortable pair, you will never part with it.

They are so easy to take off and put on (as opposed to tight jeans that come out with angry sighs), they do not need to be tailored to their height, like wide trousers, and they do not rub around the waist when you sit for a long time, unlike For example, from denim jeans. You can be indignant about the non-aristocratic nature of this garment as much as you like, but with the convenience factor, provided that the fabric is selected for quality, it is difficult to argue.

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Reason number 2: in the leggings you can walk, play sports and just live

And if someone hints that leggings are not an elegant and elegant dress, you can hint in response that, despite its ignoble origin of the “kind” of home clothes, leggings now adorn the podiums and designer collections, so we will not be at all surprised if, after several decades (by the way, remember the costumes from films about the future!) leggins will make a working uniform.

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Reason number 3: to wear leggings, you do not need to have a perfect figure.

The world of fashion is slowly (or very slowly), but it’s definitely moving away from the idea that clothes constantly need to adjust something - to lengthen, slim, embellish, in order to bring you a little closer to someone’s invented ideal. But if you think seriously about this topic, you realize that not all miniature girls want to appear taller, plumper - thinner, athletic - more feminine. There are also those who simply want to remain in harmony with themselves and with their body in the clothes that this body does not hide. And if we fall on such a person with the prohibition to wear leggings, then what will happen next: not to appear in an open bathing suit on the beach or not to leave the house at all?

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Reason # 4: leggins do not look trite

Another fashionable stereotype from the past: the top of leggings should certainly be covered with a long T-shirt or dress, otherwise it looks vulgar. However, no more vulgar than tight, like stockings, skinny jeans or short pants-shorts, which are guaranteed to return to our streets with the arrival of the heat. So this is exactly the case when vulgarity is not in legends, but in the eyes of the beholder.

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Reason number 5: Leggings - part of sportswear

And it was in the wake of the fashion for sportswear that the leggins managed to regain their positions so successfully. In practice, this means that it will be even easier to find a comfortable and beautiful pair of leggings for yourself than if we are talking about pants or trousers. Leggings are now sold not only in sports shops, but also in boutiques, and in the mass-market-segment of clothing, and by choosing one suitable model, you will be able to combine in it all the properties of a sports uniform for fitness and just comfortable clothes for every day.

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