Lavender - the use and properties of this plant

Small sprigs with lilac flowers, similar to spikelets, our mothers and grandmothers laid out in wardrobes with clothes, they protected her from various pests, especially from moths, which could be great spoil things from natural materials.

This was lavender - a small shrub that has a pleasant odor and has an oblong stalk with purple flowers at the ends.

Beautiful plant

It turns out that, in addition to the magical rite in the closet, lavender has a very wide range of applications, it is actively used in the drug industry, and thanks to its delicate smell and rich supply of useful substances, it is actively used in the perfume and cosmetic industries, as well as in some cuisines of the world.

And this, not to mention the fact that the flowering lavender fields is an incredibly beautiful and aesthetically satisfying spectacle that has become the subject of admiration and creative incarnations of many artists and photographers of the world.

The main and valuable product, which is made by industrial processing of fresh lavender flowers, is considered one of the most popular and respected essential oils in the world.

The main area of ​​application is perfumery and cosmetology, in addition, it is actively used for medicinal purposes, because it really is an excellent medicine for many ailments, which ones, let's talk a little later.

Divine fragrance

In addition to the essential oil, the stalks themselves, flowers and leaves of such a plant are used, most often, it is pre-dried in a dark and well-ventilated room, and only then various infusions, decoctions and healing teas are prepared.

The Mediterranean is considered the birthplace of such an amazingly beautiful and useful plant, where it can still be found in its wild form today. The first to learn about the beneficial properties of lavender were the ancient Romans, who actively added it to the bathroom before bathing, in fact, from where the name originated, because “lava” means “wash”.

On the territory of the post-Soviet space, lavender appeared only in the middle of the XIX century, gradually gaining the status of industrial culture.Today lavender is cultivated on the territory of France, Central Asia, Yugoslavia, Crimea and other regions.

Plant dosage forms

The flowering period of lavender is from the beginning of June to the end of August, that is, it is completely all summer, and you can start the drug collection from the first weeks, but only from the morning when the flowers start to bloom.

The inflorescences are carefully cut, gathered in small bunches and hung out to dry, and in order for the lavender not to lose its characteristic pleasant color, the room must be dark for these purposes.

Oil will improve hair condition

For example, in Austria, before the flowering period, they collect the leaves of lavender, and then actively use them for medicinal purposes, for example, as a sedative or anti-inflammatory agent.

It should be remembered that lavender and its essential oils are potent agents, so you must be careful with their use.

What is interesting, in order to please yourself with such a plant, it is not necessary to go to the French Provence or the mountain Crimea, it is enough to grow lavender in your own garden or vegetable garden.

The simplest variant of cultivation is to plant a bush bought in the store, but the most interesting is to grow lavender from seeds.Home-made lavender is always fresh on its side, it is easy to harvest for the winter so that you can actively use its powerful set of valuable and useful properties. By the way, about them.

Therapeutic properties and their application

In fact, lavender is a very powerful plant, with its help you can get rid of many serious ailments, for example, a simple decoction of fresh sprigs of lavender helps with colds, it has a calming and antiseptic effect, and also reduces the force of antispasmodic reactions.

Given the excellent soothing effect of such colors, it is actively used for insomnia, neurosis, as well as for rashes on the skin that are associated with nervous feelings.

Flavored salt

It has another, very interesting property, it can cause a violent reaction in the emotional state of a person, affecting the central nervous system as a whole, it helps to concentrate, to come to the solution of an important issue, as well as to create a sense of calm and tranquility inside a person.

In addition, lavender oil has excellent healing properties: it is used in the treatment of burns, open wounds, bruises, bruises, and it also helps to reduce pain and reduce the likelihood of spasms.

The stalks, oil and flowers of lavender are used for bathing, which contributes not only to a pleasant aroma, but also to a therapeutic effect: the skin tightens and becomes more elastic, if there are any wounds or bruises, they heal faster.

In addition, lavender is used to treat pediculosis, skin eczema, leg and hand ulcers, and also as an additional remedy for treating various insect and snake bites.

Also, lavender is actively used for stomach problems, especially successfully with discomfort and spasms, it opens the clogged spleen, and also warms the stomach in case of a lack of warming it.

Lavender in perfumery and cosmetology

Many people know that lavender oil is an integral part of the perfume industry, due to its unique property - to perfectly combine and interact with the other oils - it is actively used in the perfumery and soap industry.

For example, lavender flowers are often used in the care of the skin of the face: they can help in solving many specific skin problems, for example, for acne, problem skin, various peeling and irritations of the skin.

It is great for the care of problem and sensitive skin, which is why it is recommended as an important ingredient in home masks in the treatment of acne, acne and other suppurative inflammations.

Popular remedy

This plant is an excellent tool for hair, especially if you are plagued by the problems of their loss, dandruff, weakness and the lack of a healthy shine in the curls. The easiest way is to add the essential oil to shampoo or hair balm, with regular use of hair, it will strengthen, acquire a beautiful shine and a healthy gloss.

In addition to the hair and skin of the face, lavender oil is great for the care of the skin of hands and feet, it is enough to add a couple of drops to the store cream, but be careful, you should not overdo it. Thanks to such additives, the skin gets its former elasticity, healthy color, gets rid of fine wrinkles and folds, becomes soft and supple.

Lavender oil, due to its powerful regenerating properties, is excellent as an after-sun remedy, it can be a real salvation for the parts of the body that are sunburned in the sun.

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